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Willie Rioli squirts Gatorade into a urine sample: 4 year ban Wayne Carey glasses his girlfriend. Glasses her: gets to call the biggest game every week on prime time TV Wow. #AFLCatsEagles #AFLFinals.

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Willie Rioli’s ban could throw a huge spanner in a potential trade with Geelong for Tim Kelly. 😱 Plus a big Swan is desperate to change his feathers and become a Magpie. 🦢 TRADE WHISPERS 👇.

Don’t worry @WestCoastEagles! We’ve got another big year ahead! Much love to Willie Rioli through this tough time. We will pull through!.

West Coast Star Willie Rioli Breaks Silence After Drug Test Breach.

“I know Willie on a pretty personal level and I know he’s not that type of guy. Jeremy McGovern opens up to @bjwaterworth about the Willie Rioli bombshell. #AFLFinals #AFLCatsEagles.

West Coast coach Adam Simpson on Willie Rioli: We are hurting for him..

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The Willie Rioli apologists are making me sick. Tell me if DeGoey, Greene, Stringer would be afforded this level of “care”? No, they wouldn’t. Read between the lines and it’s very clear.

BT on the Willie Rioli situation: Test him the same day. Go back again and get him to test so you know whether he has been using drugs..

Season over for reigning premiers West Coast as bid for back-to-back flags ends with 20-point loss to Geelong #AFLfinals 📸: AAP.

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Two things tonight following the MCG game. Tom Hawkins won’t be playing for Cats next week as he will be serving a suspension and Willie Rioli is unlikely to play for the Eagles ever again.

Strange developments down in the Geelong rooms post game. Geelong players walking around the rooms drinking Willie Rioli’s piss. #AFL #AFLCatsEagles.

@WestCoastEagles Willie Rioli news lost us the game, were never going to win after that..

@AaronFinch5 The umps are doing their best Willie Rioli impersonation and taking the piss..

Willie Rioli squirts Gatorade into a urine sample: 4 year ban Wayne Carey glasses his girlfriend. Glasses her: gets to call the biggest game every week on prime time TV Wow. #AFLCatsEagles #AFLFinals.

You will never, ever hear BT give his approval to anything that goes the way of west coast, which isn’t surprising given he thinks Willie Rioli has two goals tonight #AFLCatsEagles.

@OhAeroHD @pauljames1968 spot on …… dont think Willie Rioli was at the ground booing that night so think we should be careful where we direct our disappointment.

West coast eagles coach when Willie Rioli got caught for drugs x.

Sorry Richo, but the Willie Rioli ASADA incident is not an absolute tragedy. You do the crime, you do the time. It wasn’t a tragedy when it happened to Essendon nor the Collingwood boys. Let’s not play the sob story for him..

Top beneficiary of Willie Rioli’s suspension has been @7AFL commentators’ ability to get Liam Ryan’s name right #AFLCatsEagles.

BREAKING: Tom Browne says that the West Coast Eagles hope that Willie Rioli is OK. #AFLCatsEagles.

Willie Rioli: yea I really screwed that one up Geelong: hold my double #AFLCatsEagles #AFLFinals.

Suspended Eagles star Willie Rioli has apologised to his family and friends over a drug test scandal that has sent shockwaves throughout the AFL. | @BaumgartelSteph.

If the Eagles don’t win, the dissection and narrative will centre mostly around the impact of the Willie Rioli incident..

Could the Willie Rioli saga derail the West Coast Eagles premiership defence? | @Lachy_Reid.

I think it’s fair to say Willie Rioli will be giving WC’s Mad Monday a miss next week #AFLCatsEagles.

[email protected] forward Willie Rioli reportedly could have escaped his ASADA drug test with a “slap on the wrist” if not for a “panicked” mistake during the testing process. #7AFL #7NEWS.

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