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Tweet247 | Updated: Fri, 20 Apr 2018, 12:07 PM IST

#Windrush Top Tweets On Twitter

  • My parents came here as citizens, now the #windrush generation are suffering inhumane treatment at the hands of the Home Office. If you lay down with dogs, you get fleas! This is a day of national shame: the PM and Home Sec must apologise!.

  • “This Windrush fiasco where people are forced to leave the country after 50 years of building a life here must never happen again” says government preparing for a Brexit likely to force people to leave the country after 40 years of building a life here..

  • URGENT @ukhomeoffice @theresa_may @AmberRuddHR my office has just received a phone call about the son of Windrush Generation citizen being deported TOMORROW. Halt this deportation and all further deportations immediately. Call my office for more details. Dominic Grieve is the MP..

  • Home Office response that they destroyed Windrush records because of data protection is a disgrace and an insult to thousands of people. Data protection? You destroyed the records and now you are destroying lives. I fail to understand why a Minister has not resigned. Abject..

  • Four years ago I asked @theresa_may about the implications of her 2014 immigration act and today she has had to apologise to the #Windrush generation for the outcomes of it.

  • This is the saddest #Windrush story Dexter Bristol lived in UK for almost half a century Sacked from his job, because no passport. Denied benefits. Classed as an illegal immigrant. Collapsed in the street. Died. His mother blames the stress..

  • Diane Abbott ...the Abbottbot mumbles twaddle and finds it hard to defend Labour’s uselessness over Windrush children. Labour asleep - again! #UselessLabour via @jonsnowC4.

  • @James4Labour @Conservatives @theresa_may The very fact that she had to make that statement shows how appallingly badly the Windrush citizens have been treated.

  • @LiamGall1983 @mrjamesob There is -i understand genuine concerns among the more forgotten places re immigration but that needs to be discussed and countered but it’s easy for politicians like Gove on Today 2talk about Windrush when they voted against Dubbs & brought in imm acts.

  • @Johnfrededdy I’m also very cynical about the statements made by @AmberRuddHR and @carolinenokes about helping #windrush people going forward, once the media spotlight isn’t on them. They are the #NastyParty #Tories.

  • #stopbrexit2018 #EnoughIsEnough I wonder how many #Leave voters in #EURef willingly and knowingly voted for increasing poverty, losing influence and degrading British democracy and values. #Windrush scandal illustrates downward spiral. Need #FinalSay through #PeoplesVote.

  • #Windrush #WindrushDeportation Documents destroyed because of #GDPR Overkill world gone mad @GMB @piersmorgan.

  • #Windrush This country makes me laugh at times, there are probably thousands of illegal immigrants that arrived in recent years and instead of investigating them, we pick on the Jamaican community who have been here for 40+ years. #embarrassing.

  • Destroying landing cards of people who arrived in the UK post-war was an indefensible decision..

  • @BBCr4today So once again there is evidence of appallingly poor judgement by May who had the windrush landing cards destroyed, thereby removed the evidence that they entered the country legally. Is not fit to lead a gov..

  • #windrush & brexit linked #EUcitizens who have lived, worked & paid taxes in the UK also threatened by racist gov. @uklabour FB failing to oppose @SebDance. Those who want to stay (maj in all polls since August) have no democratic voice @MichelBarnier @guyverhofstadt #stopbrexit.

  • #Windrush isn’t an administrative error it’s an absolute disgrace! This government are just one shambolic mess after another. Theresa May is responsible. God help over 3million Europeans after Brexit! @GMB #GMB I’m embarrassed to be British.

  • Windrush: More than just coincidental errors.

  • What Is The Windrush Generation, When Did The Children Arrive, How Many Are There And Are They In The Uk Illegally?.

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  • @piersmorgan watching you guys about the windrush scandal, i feel for these two lovely ladies, the way they have been treated is disgusting!! They should be compensated for whats happened!! #windrushjustice #shameful #disgusting #scandal.

  • Double fuck. I hate these Tories #Windrush.

  • At #PMQs, Theresa May misled Parliament two times on #Windrush - her killer line was a lie.

  • Chaos as #May fails to quell #Windrush outrage by blaming everyone except herself |.

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  • @sameerahim @Arifa_Akbar @amolrajanBBC Eew!! Better to read novel #TheSpeech, meet the real Enoch (as well as Windrush characters and others), and enjoy a cliffhanger that vividly portrays 1968 Wolverhampton during ten days either side of #RiversofBlood.

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  • Are we to hear anything of how @theresa_may mislead us over #Windrush @BBCr4today ?.

  • Government in chaos over Windrush after double setback for May.

  • The #WindrushGeneration are no strangers to feelings of unbelonging: these often feature strongly in their stories of early life in Britain #Windrush via @ConversationUK.

  • #corbyn always fights for those at risk of injustice despite what the media will have you believe #Windrush #WindrushGeneration #r4today #immigrationbill #windrushscandal #PMQs.

  • Dear @TomTugendhat I think you need to look into #ME at bit more. Your letter is shameful to society in general and #pwME in particular. Another Windrush is about to happen as a barren and hostile landscape has happened to those that suffer #ME.

  • Before Parliament spends another minute arguing about Windrush boarding cards could they check the passenger lists which are complete according to the research centres?.

  • @NesrineMalik @oliellis89 Er I think you will find the windrush problem became a problem when a labour government destroyed Paper work thus causing more issues but you carry on waffling.

  • @Hepworthclare Totally agree Clare. Neither May or Rudd are fit to hold any public role. If there’s to be any justice, they must both be removed from office and investigated for hate crimes. #HostileToriesOutNow #Windrush #WindrushGeneration #ToryRacism #torylies.

  • @SkyNews A Tory government that would sink as low as going after the Windrush generation will have absolutely no qualms about returning a hard border to Ireland.

  • @PoetsAndPoetry @WordOnTheCurbUK After this weeks Windrush debacle, some revolutionary verse from Big Virge.

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