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Most coverage snaps played without allowing a TD so far this season: ❌ Quinton Newsome: 141 ❌ Jartavius Martin: 120 ❌ Devon Witherspoon: 117.

Witherspoon Photo,Witherspoon Photo by PFF College,PFF College on twitter tweets Witherspoon Photo

The #Steelers need to get Ahkello Witherspoon some help against Amari Cooper and FAST..

1stH notes: Pickens grab 👀 Trubisky sharp until last few throws; Great outside pocket 88 yards rushing 2 explosive plays Edmunds/Witherspoon struggling in coverage Few key MT Brissett also playing well Njoku 7 catches 1 sack Oline much improved Chubb/Hunt are great #Steelers.

#Steelers Apuntes al HT: -La constante rotación en la frontal está haciendo estragos en nuestra DL. Es el precio de ser la D con más snaps en las primeras dos semanas -Witherspoon y Edmunds con mal partido. Minkah, Levi y Sutton discretos -Hay que dispararle a Brissett.

The entire secondary was pretty bad. Edmunds gave up two touchdowns. Witherspoon got burned by Cooper a couple of times. #Steelers #NFL.

My bad takeaways from week 3 defense is nothing without Tj Watt 2. Matt Canada needs fired 3. Need to trade for a corner to replace Witherspoon 4. Get Friermuth and Pickens more involved 5. Stop playing down to their competition Bonus*- I need therapy.

@SteeIerNation Witherspoon has been a liability all year and edmunds been liability for 5 years now.

Ahkello Witherspoon Suffers Hamstring Injury In Week 3 Loss #Steelers.

Witherspoon Photo,Witherspoon Photo by Steelers Depot 7⃣,Steelers Depot 7⃣ on twitter tweets Witherspoon Photo

@DominicFitz39 The o-line is FAR better than everyone thought. Mitch can do it, so can Canada. (For now, as long as they open it up) edmunds and Witherspoon are getting TORCHED by cooper. Overplay the run, but gotta figure out the cooper/njoku thing. One arm tackles don’t work against the TE..

Five biggest issues for the Steelers 1. Mitch Trubisky 2. Matt Canada 3. 4Q defense (because they’re exhausted) 4. Ahkello Witherspoon 5. Mike Tomlin.

@DominicFitz39 … Edmunds need to get his head out of the clouds , Witherspoon needs to stop turning his hips so early … Canada needs to dial up some play action deep passes on 1st down.

@SteeIerNation Should be 3-3 if Witherspoon knew when to bat the ball down instead of trying to pad stats with a meaningless pick..

Ahkello Witherspoon Seemingly Injured In 3rd Quarter Against Browns #Steelers.

Witherspoon Photo,Witherspoon Photo by Steelers Depot 7⃣,Steelers Depot 7⃣ on twitter tweets Witherspoon Photo

fun fact: Reece Witherspoon had in her contract for “Legally Blonde” that she could keep her entire wardrobe, which included 77 pairs of Jimmy Choos 😭.

ET Canada
ET Canada

#ReeseWitherspoon shares her favourite line from her childhood crush in #SweetHomeAlabama.

No pay raises for Erie City Council. Final vote fails after 2 members reverse course.

The call back list for Miss Witherspoon is posted at Thanks to everyone who auditioned! Note: everyone who is called back tomorrow needs to be in THEATRE BLACKS..

This idea may have been derived from Calvin’s suggestions in his Institutes by way of the teachings of John Witherspoon, Madison’s teacher at Princeton.” …Reinhold Niebuhr.


@EscorciaLariosB Lo dije desde hace dos semanas: Witherspoon tiene grandes problemas con trayectorias largas.

@SteeIerNation Witherspoon better recover. Right now him and edmunds are playing like hot garbage.

@FarabaughFB For sure, also my steam is a bit slow too so I’m never 100% sure haha but ya Witherspoon isn’t matching up well tonight.

@CarterCritiques And Witherspoon has been bad… they’re picking on him. In fairness, it’s really hard to play defense when there is no pass rush..

Must’ve left that defense from week 1 in Cincinnati. I could put up 100 and 2 TD’s on Witherspoon right now and my back is in shambles.

@ay_taybay For a second I thought Witherspoon was going to carry the weak link award this game, buuuuut.

@DominicFitz39 Witherspoon is gettin smoked!!!! I hope they have a scheme or plan to help him. Good OL play, better play calling & somewhat of a tempo change for the O. They need even more of what they did toward the end of the half. Except the Witherspoon that.

Jack and Sutton look good. We’ve all watched Witherspoon struggle with Cooper. I thought we’d see more out of Highsmith so far. There’s my snap opinion..

Witherspoon Photo,Witherspoon Photo by Jammin,Jammin on twitter tweets Witherspoon Photo

i hate when sports are happening because they take up all the twitter trending page 🙄🙄 the only witherspoon i care about is reese 💅🏼.

@UKSteelers The secondary tonight has been getting cooked. Witherspoon and Edmunds putting their usual 50/50 hot and cold game on display..

@paulshahen You sir hit it on the head. Mitch stinks and Witherspoon stinks and we are still soft in the middle. We made the browns look like the second coming..

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