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Sad news from Ukraine. Ivan Shchegolov, one of the founders of the Beshketniki Sirka reconnaissance platoon, was killed in battle against the Russian Army near Svatove. He started fighting in 2016, being under command of the “Da Vinci Wolves” initially Rest In Peace Ivan 🇺🇦.

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Beyond their ecological importance as critical keystone predators, wolves are known for their aggressive cuddling 🐺 #LoboWeek.

Heeding Modi’s call, three year ago Bollywood was driving away coronavirus from India! “A nation of sheep will beget a government of wolves.”.

The Mexican gray wolf is the most genetically distinct lineage of wolves in the Western Hemisphere. Once numbering in the thousands, they thrived in the southwest + northern Mexico. Today, a population of 241 remains in the US. #LoboWeek Join them now →.

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The reddest states are like a fat cow waiting to be eaten by the wolves. Y’all are stressing about the presidency but we can’t even get our local houses in order. 2024 matters not if the red states don’t grow some balls. Run for office and get the RINOS out..

We are proud to announce our 2nd @degenpoet collab piece! Snapshot in 24 hours - delist your thingys or pay the price! Also holders, check announcements in our discord Wolves Will Rise 🐺.

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Bom dia, irmãos. Assim ficou a tabela depois dos resultados de ontem. E o Lakers agora cai na estrada pra uma sequência de 5 jogos fora: • Bulls; • Wolves; • Rockets; • Jazz; • Clippers. Depois disso, enfrenta Suns e Jazz em casa e acaba a temporada….

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@GoldenKnightGFX We need to win against the Bulls tmmrw for obvious reasons We lose to Wolves (Even tho we need these for seeding implications) Beat Rockets Beat Jazz Beat Flippers Beat Suns (KD better not be ducking smoke) Beat Jazz again.

Aaaaaaaaaand $IC is bouncing. How could I predict one of the wolves of the meme coin scene Jamma @JammaPelson1 would join us at this dip? Not sure. But markets can be predicted. #ICEPACK growing. Bounce call at 45 already 30% up in 2 hours..

WOLVES WILL RISE 🐺, MCWOLVES WILL FRIES 🍟!! PS. Not only does our ice-cream machine work but our store has brought back the smoking section!! 🚬🚬 IYKYN!! 😅😅 @WolfCapital_ @McWolfCapital #WOLFISH.

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If anyone thought getting their Wolves ticket this morning was stressful, I bet it was nothing compared to when Arsenal only released 2,000 tickets as a free-for-all to all season ticket holders for the first covid game against Rapid Wien. Dont think I slept the night before 😂.

Behold, I send you forth as sheep in the midst of wolves: be ye therefore wise as serpents, and harmless as doves. Matthew 10:16.

KAT makes 2 late 3-pointers, lifts Wolves over Warriors.

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@MrsArsenal04 @Arsenal probably better chance of me buying a wolves away ticket at this rate.

This is the sickest role player wolves team I can remember, so many guys who are so reliable to fill the role they are supposed to have We’ve just needed to figure the main guys out and I think we’re definitely getting there.

I know it’s a long shot but if the Wolves win tomorrow and the Suns & Clippers lose, Wednesdays Wolves/Suns game could be for a tie for the 4th seed. Unreal playoff race in the West..

@DannyMarang @SnottieDrippen to be fair, not gonna complain about this one since the lack of call resulted in the Wolves winning. 😂 now, the Ts, flagrants and lack thereof, and interesting screen calls from this.

@GRDxSarthak @WolfCapital_ AWOOOO! WOLVES WILL RISE! 🐺🔥.

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Monday’s racing to ease us into the week! ✅ Wincanton ✅ Lingfield (AW) ✅ Wolves (AW) (EVE) 🔞 Over 18’s only 💬 Download the app ⚠️ T&C apply.

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... and it all started with Barack Obama, a smooth-talking sheep in wolves clothing, who was going to fundamentally change America. Well, he DID change America - BUT FOR THE WORSE - and Deep State Dems/Obama/Globalists/MSM are continuing the destruction!.

A porcupine spotted on a camera-trap in Chandrapur, MH. #DidYouKnow that porcupines often share the corridors of large carnivores? The formidably long quills on their backs deter leopards, wolves, hyenas & even tigers because of the serious injuries they can cause. #CocoForWild.

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🚨Barcelona Imejiondoa Yenyewe Kwenye Mbio Za Kumsajili Kiungo Wa Wolves Na Timu Ya Taifa Ya Ureno Ruben Neves (26) Kwenye Majira Ya  (Fichajes - in Spanish).

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@Yfz84 @yoboykev34 What people don’t want to admit is if KAT was healthy all season, the Wolves would be fighting for that number one seed.

@SheWore Didn’t even bother with yesterday’s Red bun fight for Brighton tickets. Will do the Wolves one but have zero expectations. Sad really isn’t it? The only thing I can hope is my season ticket application number coming down. Fuck knows how I’ll afford but it may be the only way…….

@LakersLeGM @GoldenKnightGFX 4-3 likely gets the 8 spot. I know nothings a given but beat the teams we’re supposed to beat (Houston, Utah x2) then 1 of the bulls, wolves, clips, suns (I think we win 2 of those tbh) and we’re good. I think we honestly go 5-2 to end it and are playing GS in the 7/8 play in.

Unlikely hero can step up to play big role for #nffc in survival scrap.

Utensil Holder and Anarchist… we all have two wolves inside us..

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#OnAirNow KALA CHNG @KALACHNG @RoundTheClockPR - Run With Wolves, or IndieMUSIC mainstreamMUSIC Help keep the station going if you can donate here.

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@latimeralder This man for one … but every aspect of our establishment appear to have sold their souls. They will be thrown to the wolves when expedient….. our anger will be turned on the ones in plain view by the shadowy ones who really rule, hoping to escape. #AbolishTheMonarchy.

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Lol. It’s a shit show innit 🤷🏽‍♂️ Happy for anyone who got tickets. Prayers for anyone like me who has to choose which of the kids gets to come with me…If anyone for any reason has a spare for Wolves (h) that would allow me to avoid having to do that, I’d be most grateful 💜.

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