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Updated: October 16th, 2021 12:43 AM IST

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[#SEVENTEEN JAPAN NEWS] 【カラモバ】カラモバコンテンツ更新まとめ ・10月12日(火)[WALLPAPER] JUN ・10月13日(水)[WALLPAPER] HOSHI ・10月14日(木)[WALLPAPER] WONWOO ・10月15日(金)[WALLPAPER] WOOZI

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I just wanna share something, so two of my teachers gave us task to create/ write our own lyrics and the other one was to write our own rap. I told myself that I will make Woozi proud and I think I did great because I manage to finish it all before the deadline.

@jwwcafe woozi kung may time ka baka pwede kami magtake ng special class???? kahit isang meeting lang, mas marami paring matututunan compared sa isang buong sem ng prof namin 😭😭😭😭

[#SEVENTEEN JAPAN NEWS] 【カラモバ】カラモバコンテンツ更新まとめ ・10月12日(火)[WALLPAPER] JUN ・10月13日(水)[WALLPAPER] HOSHI ・10月14日(木)[WALLPAPER] WONWOO ・10月15日(金)[WALLPAPER] WOOZI

@looktaekook i know carats know woozi and the boys worked a lot on it too but the main problem would be non fans thinking they sold this song to svt, because of those tweets 🧍🏻‍♀️

Issue aside, boto po natin woozi and the8 para sa bday ad! Mageend yung kay woozi this day so ibuhos lahat ng galit sa voting!

Fan-Around Update Woozi is second and behind by 1,109 votes. This will end today at 23:59 please vote using all your sns accounts. #세븐틴 #우지 @pledis_17

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wts lfb attacca ld lucky draw ☻ still available: jun, hoshi (must be paired w/ maknae), woozi, vernon, dino ☻ will secure from a trusted and low-profit go acc para sulit yung babayaran! ☻ will discuss first from which site tayo kukuha! reply or dm member/s to claim 💫

Wtt Have:Woozi otherside And woozi grid Want:minghao grid and other side Dm me sa offers

@woozi_the_8 うちゃ行くのね〜!!!近かったら会えたのにな〜🥺 今回のパジャマパーティーってコンセプトめちゃ可愛いよね、、、グッズ何買おうか迷う🤔💭

개웃겨 왜 이렇게 쓰는거여? 심지어 우지도 WOOZI고 범주도 BUMZU인데

#SEVENTEEN : A flying butterfly Vocalist - DK, Keyboardist - Seungkwan, Electric - Joshua, Bass - Jeonghan, Drums - Woozi

오느른 빨리 퇴트 하도록 할게여 ❣️ 모두들 꿈 꾸지 마시구!! 잘 자요오👋 쫀밤 ! ♥️

these credits are so sexy. does woozi know how sexy his brain is

@Hansefeels Woozi: *suspiro segurando sua cintura.* DK: Já, mas agora está maior e as pernas també *engole as salivas.*

blacking out you give him extensions after all i have lost??? u place woozi on this little rock???? im passing out???

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Ternyata woozi yang nulis liriknya. Tapi makasih bangett 🖤🖤 @pledis_17


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why are dino and woozi both suspicious i think this is the beginning of some romeo and juliet thing #17TheatreAU

@MEED_WOOZI @pledis_17 صج هذا النوع من التحديثات إلي ينشرونها تجيب العافية😣💘

Hi po sino may copy netong selca ni woozi😭 kanina ko pa hinahanap sa pinterest eh😭

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@shiek98 This one? Please HE’S THE ONLY ONE I SEE prolly because aside from Woozi(?) too I don’t have names for the other faces (yet) lol

Woozi Photo,Woozi Twitter Trend : Most Popular Tweets

@hoshifrutillita Vos no querías mostrarme el artículo de svt? Aunque no pongo en duda porque si producen buena música, woozi es alto capo

@kimrod1004 @pledis_17 والله الفكره تضحك الصراحه وضعيته الوصله وتعابيره كلها تضحك

46. The most decent username yang kalian temui/kenal! (Decent; username rata > @ hoshi @ woozi dan lainnya)

@MEED_WOOZI @pledis_17 شكله حن للماضي وشعره😭😭🤣 ما له علاقه بالكونسبت والدليل انه وصلات

@allkpop you should delete this and add VOCAL UNIT LEADER WOOZI to the article. vocal unit is 5 members

@CaratShopINA pola konser diamond edge joshua, otp shua-woozi, dom surabaya

Woozi Photo,Woozi Twitter Trend : Most Popular Tweets

Where’s Woozi? You forgot to include the best producer of Seventeen!!! Please edit and repost this one. Thank you!

@teletubBOOs Right! Drummer woozi definitely need a comeback🤩 i hope we’re getting it on the op3😔

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