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Bobby Lashley is the new WWE Championship and is seemingly heading to WrestleMania 37 with the gold wrapped around his waist. #WWERaw #WrestleMania

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Rajesh ()

#WWERaw 16 YEARS IN THE MAKING. The ALMIGHTY ERA has begun! @fightbobby Wait For @BrockLesnar

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La Cuenta De Tres
La Cuenta De Tres ()

#WWE | Resultados de #WWERaw del 1 de marzo de 2021. 🏆Bobby Lashley se coronó por primera vez en su carrera como campeón de la WWE.


Bobby Lashley is the new WWE Championship and is seemingly heading to WrestleMania 37 with the gold wrapped around his waist. #WWERaw #WrestleMania

IWN The Wrestling News & Gaming Channel
IWN The Wrestling News & Gaming Channel ()

Folks My #WWERaw Review Will Be Live In A Few Minutes be prepared 5o join my Live chat once it goes live cuz this is gonna be somewhat a good Review.

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Greco Gainz 🏆🏁🐍
Greco Gainz 🏆🏁🐍 ()

We got a Yoruba accent on Smackdown and then 3 days later on #WWERaw had a nigga named Montel leading someone to THE world championship 🔥🔥🔥

Will The Wrestling Tweeter!! 🤼‍♀️
Will The Wrestling Tweeter!! 🤼‍♀️ ()

So, on #WWERaw they advertised a World Title Match twice tonight, at a specific times no less, the 1st time it was postponed because Miz had the shits, and then the 2nd time the champion runs straight out the ring and is counted

USA Network
USA Network ()

This match is not only a match of the year contender, but a match of the decade contender. #WWERaw #MustBeMonday @DMcIntyreWWE @WWESheamus

Mithen 🎶
Mithen 🎶 ()

Adam Peace’s reactions is maybe the best thing on #WWERAW The slow horrified realization of what Shane is

S.Carter ()

Hey Braun. At least you’re on tv. Where’s Aleister Black? Where’s Andrade Cien Almas? Wrestlers deserving of a chance. #WWERaw

Public Enemies Podcast
Public Enemies Podcast ()


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WrestlingNews270 ()

Adam Pearce is Braun’s tag partner tonight to face Shelton & Cedric for the Raw tag team championships #WWERaw

Mikachu ()

Braun strowman complaining about teaming with adam pierce even tho it doesnt matter and he won the tag titles with a child before #WWERaw


Shane and Strowman are just gonna exchange promos telling each other their ideas I dont even give a fuck about this segment #WWERaw

ItsDubbz ()

So Pearce flaked on the Reigns match but now he bout to team with Braun, ye aight. #WWERaw

king 
King  ()

Braun Strowman and Adam Pearce competing for the raw tag team championship? Idk man #WWERaw

Exhausted. ()

He’s still saying “get these hands” 🤦🏽‍♀️ This man is awful #WWERaw

Lolpedrolol ()

Braun Strowman sounds like a fucking baby saying, you suck, he sucks, they suck #WWERaw

✌❤🤘 Stephen
✌❤🤘 Stephen ()

My crazy swerve of the Miz, Braun and Pearce all leave with Shane with all the gold tonight! The Corporation Is Back! 🤣 #WWERaw

✮EWZine✮ (Just #WEARTHEMASK for OTHERS) ()

What? @BraunStrowman and @ScrapDaddyAP challenging the #HurtBusiness for the titles? Shane McMahon vs Strowman at Wrestlemania seems to be on the books again! #WWERAW

Journey Into Wrestling Podcast
Journey Into Wrestling Podcast ()

Lots of people here excited to see Lashley win the big one. Probably gonna be bummed when they realize his reign will be as long as Miz’s. - Buckles #WWERAW

BO⚽️ ()

Okay so now we’re sure that Drew will not intefere in the WWE Championship match but why is it not ending the show? I mean if its not closing the show that maybe means that Lashley is not winning ?? I HOPE NOT! Let’s see how it goes. #WWERaw

Ayo Its Jojo ❤️🙂 ジョジョ🇨🇦
Ayo Its Jojo ❤️🙂 ジョジョ🇨🇦 ()

Bobby Lashley vs Miz will not be in the main event tonight I’m sure in 100% that Lashley ain’t gonna get the win tonight 😐 #WWERaw

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Inside The Ropes
Inside The Ropes ()

Strowman interferes in the Championship match setting up a Triple Threat rematch either during tonights main event or at Fastlane? #WWE #WWERAW

Wrestling Insights
Wrestling Insights ()

So let me get this straight your WWE Championship match is not the main event on #WWERaw what a way to downgrade the title unless you got something like a cliffhanger that’s good than this is useless but I’ll to the end of the show to see what happens

Lavander Moon 🥀
Lavander Moon 🥀 ()

The Wwe championship match is not going to be the main event! I wonder who is going to be? 🤔 #WWERaw

Gaming Opa
Gaming Opa ()

Das ist mal eine Eröffnung von #WWERaw nach meinem Geschmack. Logisch, intensiv und zielführend. Warum nicht immer so ? Allerdings kaufe ich nicht, das Mit vs. Lashley schon in 40 Min startet. Da kommt sicher noch ein Twist.

Jcarlos7x ()

@VinceMcMahon Look Pay attention dude!!! @fightbobby Better be the New WWE CHAMPION tonight at #WWERaw

Black Geeks of DC
Black Geeks of DC ()

They have a beat down countdown for Miz vs Lashley. #WWERaw

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All Elite Bros
All Elite Bros ()

¡Primera lucha de la noche! Drew McIntyre vs Sheamus ¡Ambos se dan con todo! #WWE #WWERaw

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WrestleRoasts ()

The ref looks like he just left rehearsal for the Tampa Bay production of Jersey Boys. #WWERaw #WWE

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