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THEY DID IT. First time as #RKBro is a success for @SuperKingOfBros & @RandyOrton! #WWERaw

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Deportes Y Luchas WWE
Deportes Y Luchas WWE ()

Adam Pierce no está para nada de acuerdo con la decisión de Sonya Deville de agregar a Charlotte en el combate por el Campeonato Femenino de Raw en Wrestlemania Backlash Hay mucha tensión entre los Managers Generales de la marca roja. #WWERaw

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Tobias Enke
Tobias Enke ()

Ich glaub WWE ist #WWERaw einfach selbst auch scheiß egal. Nicht anders zu erklären.

Álvaro Carrera
Álvaro Carrera ()

🏆 Bobby Lashley defenderá su cinturón en #WrestleManiaBacklash ante McIntyre y Strowman 🙏 Charlotte Flair se disculpó por atacar a un árbitro y fue readmitida 💥 Humberto Carrillo se vengó de Sheamus ✍️ Lo sucedido en #WWERaw , en @diarioas

Luke Owen
Luke Owen ()

I have the best job in the world. But Tuesday mornings suck. #WWERaw

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Sheldon Jones
Sheldon Jones ()

So, if this Charlotte and Sonya stuff leads to a tag team, I would be ok with #WWERaw

Sully Perfect10
Sully Perfect10 ()

#WWERaw jvais qd meme donner la moyenne à ce show car le catch est globalement de qualité, ca bouge au niveau TT (mace/t-bar, RK-Bro?, Vikings qu’on n’a meme pas vus tout comme AJ-Omos), une Deville intriguante et un fil rouge plutot bien amené malgre une fin bizarre.

🇨🇦Meme Guy🇨🇦
🇨🇦Meme Guy🇨🇦 ()

Dumb take, Mace & T-Bar are secretly with Strowman. & will be his henchmen. #WWERaw

The Insiders
The Insiders ()

I’m also curious .. tell us what YOU would do to fix #WWERaw if you had the power to do it .. Also will read these on Saturdays show as well!

ivory ( Swagex ) 👹
Ivory ( Swagex ) 👹 ()

I will say this… NXTs SHINING STARS are running the Womens Divisions right now! #WWERAW

connor goebel
Connor goebel ()

I was scared they would have had Lana pin Rhea Ripley and that would not have sat well with me #WWERaw


Few things about #WWERAW - RAW has one of, if not, the weakest womens divisions in all of mainstream wrestling. There’s hardly any competition. It ain’t it. - The new commentator ain’t it. Sorry.

Menino Tanaka
Menino Tanaka ()

Nia Jax finaliza Lana e consegue a vitória para sua equipe. A sequência final foi minimamente interessante. #WWERaw

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Wayne R
Wayne R ()

That 6-Woman Tag Team was actually a decent showcase for keeps on improving her in-ring performance 👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾 #WWERaw

PrinceWatercress ()

RIPTIDE ON LANA! Nia tags in and hits the leg drop! Nia, Shayna and Rhea win! #WWERAW

Matt Black
Matt Black ()

Did Ripley REALLY need to tag in Jax after hitting the Riptide? That was dumb as hell! #WWERAW

Sammy Maggio | #WorldWishDay
Sammy Maggio | #WorldWishDay ()

Nia Jax, Shayna Baszler and Rhea Ripley def. Lana, Naomi and Asuka. #6WomanTag #WWERaw

The Culture Cast!
The Culture Cast! ()

Can we PLEASE wrap up this ShaNia saga. That ship has sailed and its time to move on. #WWERaw

AJ ()

Britt Baker knows how that huge legdrop feels. And the D-M-D has come so far since that fateful night. #WWERaw

WWE ()

THEY DID IT. First time as #RKBro is a success for @SuperKingOfBros & @RandyOrton! #WWERaw

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Ah ouais la suspension ce fini comme ça mdr j ai préféré celle de ronda #WWERAW

YouTube:💪🏾Big Hero Chris👍🏾
YouTube:💪🏾Big Hero Chris👍🏾 ()

Prince: how about you and your friends vs me and The Revolution The Revolution: #WWERaw

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John Clark
John Clark ()

Humberto again GTFO 😆🤣😂 what a joke. #WWERAW #WWE BEAT UP THIS JOBBER SHEAMUS!!!!!!!

Libertad Septiembre
Libertad Septiembre ()

JAJAJAJAJAJAJAJAJAJAJAJAJA. ¿Por qué no me sorprende ver a Humberto Carrillo nuevamente en el ring? La historia vuelve a #WWERaw

Royal Wrestling
Royal Wrestling ()

HORA DEL RETO ABIERTO 🔥 Sheamus entra para dar un nuevo reto a cualquiera por el campeonato de los Estados Unidos #WWERaw

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Kelsey ()

No matter who is the US Champion and does open challenges, it will never be as good when John Cena did it back in 2015 during his reign. #WWERaw

Tennessee Revolver
Tennessee Revolver ()

Humberto Carillo wants the opportunity. I hope that this works better then last week. #WWERAW

Mr. Shyness
Mr. Shyness ()

Damian Priest and The New Day get the win over The Miz, Elias and Jaxson Ryker! #WWERaw

Michael ()

Sheamus deserved a parade for busting up Riddle and taking the title from him. #WWERaw

WrestleRanked ()

Shambo is a killer fucking promo. We may very well be witnessing prime Sheamus ladies and gents. #WWERaw

The Men Who Defeated Drew And Braun TWICE -BAR
The Men Who Defeated Drew And Braun TWICE -BAR ()

Here’s a hard dose of reality. I’m 6’8 280 and so is he. We are world class athletes. We have been a TEAM and BROTHERS for years. You two goofs met last week during the commercial break. This Monday we take out Thomas the Tank Engine and 3MB for good. #WWERaw

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