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🚨Even once Fabio Vieira has signed, Gabriel Jesus AND Raphina remain targets for Arsenal. 🚨Interest in Ajax defender Lisandro Martinez, which I mentioned earlier today, also intensifying. 🚨More on that, plus Tielemans/Xhaka, on @TheAthleticUK ⬇️ 🔴⚪️.

Daily Mail informa que la Agencia Nacional del Crimen está investigando a Granit Xhaka por una amarilla que recibió en diciembre por hacer tiempo ante Leeds. El motivo es una apuesta de £ por esa amonestación, que se transformó en una ganancia de £.

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Oh look Thomas Partey in training and so was Elneny. Again Xhaka is on holiday..

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🚨Tielemans wants to join Arsenal✅.Edu is in regular contact with his agent, Arsenal agreed terms with the player,& are still deciding whether to bid.@JacobsBen Top cm,provides upgrade/competition for xhaka,wants to play for the badge👏🏼 At 25m, a bargain🤝 Who says no?👀⬇️👇🏼.

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Xhaka is still on holiday. Just for the record. Before some spout his name in the mud like they did his interview..

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This is literally a Xhaka highlight comp from any match you want to pick lmao. Can’t take these old players seriously.

@paulineinessex I’ve not seen the headline P. I was told it’s a North London team. So sad Xhaka and Partey being accused without any proof.

@MasterOdg Or because a close tottenham source confirmed it wasnt a tottenham player…egypt didnt even make the world cup… and xhaka isnt even in the country. But continue with your made up agenda. This can all be solved by posting one literal pic of partey rn..

@Tekkz Andrew ahead of the curve too , we all knew tasha was gonna kiss xhaka looking bloke smh.

If these transfers are pulled off this will be great but for me the massive issue is still having xhaka as our main midfielder what’s the point in having the likes of Martinelli raphinha and Jesus all pacey on the counter attack only for xhaka to pass sideways or backwards 🤷‍♂️.

@FRANXICAN He’s the definition of a liability. If a person rates Xhaka then they don’t understand football.


@paulineinessex @JohnAylott7 Partey was in training and Xhaka in his hols. So it does not seem to be an Arsenal player ?.

Talvez as duas únicas contratações que possam falar algo são o Lacazette e o Xhaka, ambos não renderam o esperado, mas tiveram importância nos últimos anos. E se vierem me falar da troca pelo Mkhitaryan, já não jogava nada no United, aqui ainda foi menos pior.

@TheBond16 @danholling Weird how it all coincides with the FA handing evidence over to the police because of the match fixing with Xhaka & Arsenal.

@joseph45289110 I don’t think that will be an issue…I know people were hating but Xhaka had another good season. Ode can slide in there and Vieira can play on the right so there’s options…not to mention ESR in the LHS….

So this is the context!!! Man Utd fans are pushing a Xhaka/Partey agenda here. Disgraceful. I finally understand everything. Thanks a lot for the screenshot @DavsMCFC..

2 Arsenal players aged 29yr Partey was in training and Xhaka on holiday But there is 3 Tottenham players that age.

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@FlertBFA Elneny lives in St Albans , xhaka is on holiday still & partey is supposedly in Germany.

Tierney Gabriel Tavares Xhaka Ødegaard Pepe Saka Vieira Jesus Mari Raphinha ⏳ Lisandro ⏳ When was the last time Arsenal had so many left footers?.

@FRANXICAN Agreed, I wonder how many teams who finish top half of league would actually have Xhaka in their side? That’s a sign of a decent player, I bet most wouldn’t have him..

@CojaboBerlin @Squawka Partey and Xhaka are our best midfielders. Unfortunately Partey is always injured and Xhaka makes too many mistakes. We need something different. Not sure if Tielemans is the right player. He is not the quickest player out there. Does he fit to Mikels system?.

@rdjw1998 Yeah g, Martinelli, ESR, Eddie, Tielemans if Xhaka, Viera, Saliba, Lisandro LOOOOOL that’s 6 we are so sweet bruv.

@FRANXICAN @CrouchHillN4 These Xhaka fanboys are the most brain dead numpties I have ever seen. They think sideways passing is magical..

@asajoseph We do, striker isn’t happening though. Think we’ll have to wait til next summer now to add a different profile up top. I only see us signing a CM to replace Xhaka. Adequate cover for Tomiyasu was also a bigger priority than fucking Vieira or Raphinha, too. But shouldn’t complain..

@stuafc71 Wether he does or doesn’t. Doesn’t make my point wrong. If all players were fit it’s most likely Xhaka and Partey. But Xhaka is Mikel’s first name on the sheet. End of.


@sensible_gunner I agree bro you got very good points but I will be honest xhaka did have good season.

@ogollah04 @jbsoutar Wewe achana na Xhaka bana, the work he does in that mid is unmatched.

When did Xhaka & Tielemans join #LoveIsland ? So much for pre-season. 🤦🏽‍♂️.

I DARE Xhaka to have a bad game. Instead of preseason mans on love island sn.


@Haneeka_ bro spurs will be clear for as long as xhaka is one of our best choices for midfield. kane and son are too good atm.

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