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Tweet247 | Updated: Sat, 19 May 2018, 04:07 AM IST

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  • am i the only person on earth who can clearly hear that it’s saying yanny and laurel at the same time and you can just focus on either.

  • My GPS keeps telling me to turn left on Yanny Canyon.

  • Literally everything at my show just stopped to see if people hear Laurel or Yanny. I hear Laurel..

  • My wife heard yanny. I hear laurel. How is it possible that people can hear one word or the other? What’s the science behind that?.

  • Yanny. 100% Yanny. Weirdos hear Laurel..

  • one day i hope i have twins so I can name them Yanny and Laurel.

  • @JB16i__ @Iivesforever We’re not exactly getting anywhere, you telling me it’s Yanny doesn’t make me hear Yanny ffs.

  • I legit heard yanny at first, then when oomf said you can hear laurel at a much lower tone that’s all I can here. MARTY.

  • @ihopetheyshine_ I hear yanny and I keep listening trying to hear Laurel. 😂.

  • @brody_garcia I just hear laurel how the hell do you hear yanny.

  • @ChristianRobs @PeteBayshore Breh where do you’d hear yanny.


  • @haleyalarsen @brinerock I keep listening and all I hear is Yanny 😂🤷🏽‍♀️.

  • i showed my boyfriend that video and he says he hears “larry”... LITERALLY WHERE it’s yanny. and that’s the tea..

  • @StevenDaCreator Wtf I don’t hear yanny at all I only hear laurel.

  • that’s so clearly yanny- how the fuck do y’all hear laurel.

  • @gemmachesterman @georgiadaviess9 Doesn’t sound like either but if it had to be one of them it be yanny.

  • I’m having a midlife crisis - I originally heard yanny but now all I can hear is Laurel and I know yanny isn’t a word but it’s what I heard first soooo #TeamYanny ????.

  • A little bit late but my mind is blown! All I hear is Yanny, and never Laurel. Tried different volumes and different speakers! So confused! 🤪 #laureloryanny.

  • @lolacoaster It’s a mix. I heard laurel but can hear a higher pinched e towards the end. I assume the older ppl hear laurel. Kiddos hear the yanny.

  • Yanny o Laurel? ¿Qué es esta voz de video?.

  • @frankgarciahejl @HalleKiefer @meaghano @KelsoJean If you cover your speaker with your hand, the Yanny comes through..

  • I was hearing yanny at first, but now it’s laurel and I can’t stop.

  • I hear #Laurel, DD hears #yanny. Must have to do with what frequencies we can and cannot hear..

  • @lgbtshinee how do u hear yanny djskfjskkf it sounds like a v accented “loroll” to me?????.

  • @vanessamurphy I’m the opposite all I hear is YANNY YANNY 😂😂😂.

  • I hear Laurel but my housemates all hear Yanny ????? wot is wrong with my ears.

  • click this link or we starve.

  • At least the dress thing had a "bad lighting" explanation. The Yanny/Laurel sound clip just says both words, but says Yanny at a pitch your ears eventually stop being able to hear..

  • @AkilahObviously Yanny, for sure. I’m not hearing any L’s, and Laurel has two..