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I still can’t believe a non-indigenous governor of Lagos State and his people managed to convince anybody at all that GRV, a Lagosian, is not Yoruba or Lagosian enough to rule Lagos. Omooooo.

Igbo this, Yoruba that, yen yen yen… Keyboard warriors. drop locations make una meet..

Yoruba Photo,Yoruba Photo by your PADRÈ 🌚,your PADRÈ 🌚 on twitter tweets Yoruba Photo

The funny thing about this Tweet is that MC Oluomo is hugely unpopular in most of Yoruba land and is actually massively despised even in this Lagos state among Yoruba people. We grew up in absolute irritation at the name because of what we heard about him. Tinubu no do well o.

See all of your crying in quotes and CS I dont see y’all and angry Jendor lost. 80% of yorubas are okay with GVR losing. So why should you people be so pained ? Shebi na Yoruba issue? It no concern una na..

@IMeriayen @AishaYesufu Bro if igbos vacate from Lagos ,bro the Yoruba people will turn to beggers overnight.

Only thing I learnt from these elections is that most Yoruba people are slaves. They have no brain to think for themselves & they are the major problem with this country..

@seunolatunde @PeterPsquare Stop explaining much the houses and companies in lagos are owned by dangote and even some refineries are owned by dangote so yoruba would claim dangote properties and other rich igbo men companies 🙄, poor man & hustle you can buy house in Canada 🇨🇦 , America 🇺🇸 stop the envy.

@oluwatosin_n I want to imagine how the employee asked you to help her buy banana in Yoruba…😁.

@_Alsadeeq @DeeOneAyekooto Fighting igbos has united yoruba nd hausa nd hope the fight btw hausa nd yoruba owo da boys will also stop fighting at mile 12 market.

The Ijaiye that is being talk about in the history of the Yoruba Civil Wars is the Ijaiye near Abeokuta and not the Agbado Ijaiye and Ifako Ijaiye in Lagos. The Egba and Ijebu forces stopped the southwards movement of Ibadan forces Please get a geography of Yorubaland please.

One of our workers who is a yoruba but he is fair was telling me how he was attacked on Saturday cos they thought he was omo he recognized one of them and described 🌚.

@cocopops042 Ode. A Yoruba in Benin Republic has more claims to the entire Yoruba territory than you. Mind you business..

@leeryda @elnathan_john A significant number of Yoruba voters supported LP/ PO is what I was saying 👍🏿,.

Even if we decide to separate, you will still see people among yoruba claiming you are ekiti, you are ogun you are that. There will still be division among us 😭.

@BobaHijueputaaa Menos mal no tengo fotos pero tengo mucho de África (vudú, yoruba, santería, etc) y europea( celta) que como lo se, bueno hice unos viajes hacia atrás.

@Olamirewaju22 And somwhow, a Yoruba man was the judge that sent Orisa Awolowo to The joke is on all of you bigots.

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