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@maxfisherRE Market is balancing. You have more deals come your way because you’ve established yourself? People know you more / you’ve performed on past deals. I do not see it as an early stress crack..


People always circle back in due time. Will you be available? Is this question. Don’t ever be too available..

Harbor Freight Tools is always looking for hardworking, roll-up-your-sleeves types who value our commitment to people, excellence, and community. Sound like you? Apply to this amazing opportunity today: #Remote #Calabasas, CA.

@anirvanghosh @POTUS Lot of bots. No one believes that bullshit. The cabal narratives have crumbled, the American people are coming for you..

Selling is the ability to get what you want from people as they get what they want. It is about getting other people to see that what you are offering is in their interest..

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@ANI @RahulGandhi He is following you or you are following him? People can judge you by body language.

Twitter has a UX crisis: The “For You” tab seems to be for discovering content related to my interests So it’s full of people I don’t follow While the “Following” tab shows me the latest tweets only This results in burying the good content from people I actually follow.

“I can tell you I’m looking forward to it [visiting East Palestine again] because the people who I met on the ground, the community members who had their lives upended, are people I really admire in terms of their resilience. @SecretaryPete.

@RepMTG Maybe he was just whistling while he works. If you get out of politics, and stay out of politics, maybe the whistling will stop, that’s my advice to you. Just be a fitness instructor, leave politics to the intelligent people..

@LondongirlSJ @Cavani999999 What are you defending for exactly? Looks like a load of people stood in the street not an attack you flannel 🤣.

@EllumYT we love you! ❤️ i hope you know your content brings a LOT of people a lot of happiness, escape, and a place to belong. your streams are such a lovely place to relax (sometimes) 🤣 and just be yourself. you’ve built something awesome ✨.

Rahul ji @RahulGandhi is not a coward. He is from fearless Nehru Gandhi Parivar and not from Sangh Parivar. We are with you Rahulji. Fight. डरो मत। Hit the Streets. Go to the People and Fight for the Rights of the is what your Family has done. #WeStandWith_RahulGandhi.

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@simonateba If one is white and disagrees with their narrative they are a racist white suprematism. If one is black and discriminates they have betrayed their people. This is what you’re up against..

Question for people whose main game is Madden, what game you playing till the next madden.

@prakashraaj Your blatant misuse of freedom of speech !! How easily you forgot your rejection of your ideas and thinking by people through votes !!.

@davidhogg111 Of all the people in the world #DavidHogg…you should have already learned how that works out…can’t fix stupid I guess..

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More lies @SadiqKhan ask the AA . And imagine claiming credit for the fact that people already have what you’re demanding they have 🤦🏻‍♂️.

🐥 Okay everyone. Now, Like Crazy the title track will come on. I think a lot of people might be curious about the choreo. You might’ve heard about it. I believe a lot of people will understand.* I love you *there are parts where Jimin dances with a female dancer.

@GrateeSneh You be mumu you dey call other people, You are a mumu man.

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No, ivermectin treats Covid. The vaccines have injured and killed people. Ivermectin has not. The vaccines don’t cure Covid, stop it from being transmitted nor does it keep you from getting it. There now, does that answer your questions?.

Our children have been learning about space travel and significant people in history. Next week we are learning about you! We noticed you are in Carlisle we were wondering if you would have time to come to visit us and talk to our children. It would be amazing! @astro_timpeake.

If you have seen success in any field: PLEASE brag about it. We need to share our successes to make people aware of what is possible. ↓.

@cOlbyJack_89 @CNN people lost loved ones and youre out here making it about politics. shame on you.

@Claudia_W23 @LongJoanSilver Babe it was you quoting me first, what is it? You don’t like it when people expose your lies?.

@jonfitzsimon @GuyDealership I worked as a service advisor at a Silicon Valley German luxury dealer. Although our cars didn’t send out any message like that, you would be surprised how many people did come by to have fluid filled. You really don’t want to know about tire pressures…...

@ChillestDotCom I find the whole concept of the Big Bang so insane. Not saying peeps need to believe in “god” or some kinda dude in the sky. But like, when people who are hard atheists kinda have condescension to people who are religious. If you follow science back to the start, it’s so fucking….

If your gonna reply to my tweets hating on me for no reason when you don’t even follow me you’re a miserable person and you need to take that up with yourself instead out on other people 🙄🤣👏🏻 leave me alone my tweet only bothered you no one else, so leave me tf alone.

@Gerashchenko_en Everyone is anti Russian because you Russians have illegally invaded a democratic, free, sovereign nation and seek to make it your own !!! The destruction of Ukraine and the killing of tens of thousands of Ukrainian people make you Russians reviled around the world !!!.

@EliotJacobson I’m with you, but I must confess your bedside manner leaves me cold. What exactly is the point of telling people everyday that we’re doomed? 1) It’s enervating and 2) No one knows for certain what the future holds..

More people need to be careful of what they wish for, because wishes aren’t often thought all the way through. It’s often like making a deal with the Devil. Sure, you get what you say you wanted, but strings are attached that you wish you had seen before making that wish..

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