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Updated: July 24th, 2021 07:43 AM IST

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I’m convinced Steve Yzerman texts other gms a picture of his handsome face and they do whatever he asks

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Yzerman totally solved the goalie pipeline problem in a 30 hour span by using later round picks acquired in a past trade. I am ecstatic

The Wings got the better player in the Mantha trade and also got an elite goalie prospect on top of it. Plus another second round pick next year. Between Yzerman and Hinch we have half a management team in this town at least.

It’s very impressive how many great moves Steve Yzerman has made with Detroit. It’s equally impressive that all of these great moves haven’t even started to undo all of the problems Ken Holland left in Detroit. And now he’s running our rivals.

NEW: Where things stand for Steve Yzerman and the Red Wings going into the NHL Draft

Ok from now on if you’re a NHL GM and you’ve come to an agreement with Steve Yzerman on a trade, before you follow through with it take a long look and ask yourself, “Will this make me look like an idiot.” Because we can’t allow this to continue. The Red Wings will be unbeatable.

Some fans think Steve Yzerman took a subtle jab at the ‘Canes after the Nedeljkovic trade. MORE:

Yzerman Photo,Yzerman Twitter Trend : Most Popular Tweets

Yzerman 3 moves ahead as usual when he traded Mantha to free up number 39 for Nedeljkovic.

Yzerman says decisions on trading up or down are usually made during the draft. #LGRW @DetroitRedWings

Yzerman notes that Detroit will be picking the best player available at 6th overall, regardless of position. Not going to draft based on specific need - notes that the NHL is different than leagues like the NFL. #LGRW

Yzerman on trading draft picks: “Our goal is to build a playoff team, a Stanley Cup contender. That hasn’t changed. For the interim, We’re trying to surround our young players with a competitive team.” #LGRW @DetroitRedWings

Steve Yzerman perhaps being a better GM than he was as a player seems like too much talent for any one human to possess without spontaneously combusting. Or so the rest of NHL can hope.

me, Tuesday: Losing Bernier for nothing would be a bummer for Detroit. Yzerman, today: lol you thought #LGRW

I do really like Nedjelkovic - but it can’t go without stating that there’s a fair bit or uncertainty surrounding what he looks like moving forward with only 29 NHL games under his belt but Yzerman paid a small price for his rights and didn’t overcommit until $$ or term

nhl draft tomorrow, steve yzerman is my gm, pistons got the first overall pick and tigers on a 6 game streak. i shall do my little happy dance

I’m convinced Steve Yzerman texts other gms a picture of his handsome face and they do whatever he asks

the only pick that will be announced at 8 PM is the Red Wings pick at this rate because Yzerman will destroy anyone who leaks the pick

Btw can anyone explain what Yzerman was thinking? Leddy for Panik (50%) and a 2ND? Maybe Brisebois was the brain after

Steve yzerman. A top 3 GM determined after one year of Stecher he wasn’t worth protecting

But I cannot question Yzerman at all. Ever. Every of the times. You cannot question his decisions.

Ok im going to go read a book if yzerman is reading this wait till about 8 am to make a trade ok thanks

Don’t be ridiculous if anything Steve Yzerman is my Twitter accounts burner human robot shell

What if @helmerroids is yzerman burner account all these memes and it turns out yzerman is the meme queen


Yzerman using our draft picks to acquire a better LD than we do. Nicely played Stevie Y. As easy as it is to do, you can stop showing up Holland any time now.

Nick Leddy deal big time for Red Wings. Lefty shot to pair with Seider or Hronek. Pick mover. Just 30. UFA after this season with deadline value. 21 minutes per game. Yzerman strikes again.

Just watched a bunch of Nick Leddy clips. Smooth skater, point-producer. I think Steve Yzerman just acquired a guy to play on the Red Wings top pairing.

Hot take: I don’t like giving up a 2nd in this deal, but Yzerman is clearly trying to help the Islanders with their cap specifically to fuck the Penguins (and other metro teams) which I can support.

The Wings still have 2 picks in every round. Yzerman can flip Leddy at the deadline next year when teams are more desperate for veteran D men. Or they can resign him and have a stabilizing bet for a young blue line

Have to imagine more is coming from Yzerman for Detroit. Too much cap space and too many teams in need. #LGRW

Maybe it was better when Yzerman did absolutely nothing because a lot of people love to complain about a trade that gets Seider a partner and frees up a F spot. The open market for D was going to take too much term or $$$. #LGRW #RedWings

Steve Yzerman made a great trade tonight. In Nick Leddy, the Red Wings add a left-shot defenseman who averaged 23:06 TOI with the Islanders over 19 games in this year’s playoffs. The cost is Richard Panik and one of Detroit’s 2021 second-round picks. @NHLNetwork @BallySportsDET

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