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Stars injury reveal: — Luke Glendening had concussion symptoms, also twisted his knee on the Zadorov hit. Woulda been out 2-4 weeks. He also had a bad groin. — Tyler Seguin fractured his foot a couple weeks before playoffs — Roope Hintz injured his oblique in 3rd period Game 6.

*And of course by Zadorov I mean the completely different Flames defenceman Rasmus Andersson..

Maybe having Zadorov out there when Connor and Leon are on the ice isn’t a good idea. Zadorov can’t catch Leon on one good leg..

Hey @NHL, so a trip in the neutral zone gets called, but when Mcdavid gets hauled down on a 1 on 2, or taken out by plug Zadorov, nothing, sounds right. #LetsGoOilers.

Loved McDavid miming that dumb ass Zadorov after the Kane dagger. You knew they were gonna get their revenge! So glad they got that one back for Smith! Major blunder but otherwise fantastic tonight. #LetsGoOilers.

Zadorov didn’t get a suspension for his hit on Glendening because of some stupid bullshit about no full contact and being taller than the player he hit. What the fuck was that on Nurse? Looked exactly the same and they’re pretty even height to me. This league, man..

You know how Zadorov could actually avoid hits like this in the future, by being fined and/or suspended for hitting a player directly in the head and then chirping the Stars bench afterwards. But go off..

I can’t stoping watching this goal. Zadorov can hit like a truck and McDavid just absorbs it and finishes off an amazing goal.

Eat a steaming pile of 💩 Zadorov with the shaky old man taunt after the 170 foot goal! Get a better celly you Russian Prick! #LetsGoOilers gutted out that win on the back of one player! (Nuuuge and Hyman!!!😂😉).

Zadorov has a heavy shot but holy moly that has to be a record with a goalie in the net, right? #Flames.

@mjzibanedad Zadorov should have been called a penalty and tossed from the game though.

@mjzibanedad It’s definitely a penalty. But zadorov deserved one too. Had Holl not got in Cirellis way, Tavares wouldn’t have been able to have that wide open to shoot. Holl literally had no reason to get in cirellis way beside open up more ice for Tavares.

i’m sorry, but nikita zadorov didn’t get shit for hitting a stars player in the head, yet this soft shit warrants a penalty?? in GAME 7 OF THE PLAYOFFS???.

השופט בתיק זדורוב נענה לבקשת הפרקליטות: לא ייחסתי לאיש מעשים לא חוקיים לידיעה המלאה - @baruchikra.

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@Sportsnet @BradyTkachuk71 However Zadorov’s full rink skate into Nurse’s numbers was ok. 🤷‍♂️🙄👌🫣.

It’s ironic that Nikita Zadorov was the one the slashing at Draisaitl’s ankle and then he let Draisaitl blow by him and score..

What in the Connor McFuck was that? Take a seat, Zadorov. #LetsGoOilers.


@Fan960Steinberg imagine thinking that signing zadorov, lucic, gudbranson, lewis, playing markstrom for ~70, trading a 1st for 5 goals, a 2nd and a 3rd for 0 goals, are all positive additions. lmao..

Don’t mind me I’ll just be rewatching Zadorov’s goal until I fall asleep… #Flames.

Nah bc this is so funny. They both went to leap into the hit on zadorov and instead fucked each other up.

@EclecticBlogs Zadorov drags down Mcdavid in a scoring area and throws his arms up. Like how do you not call that..

@nolanbianchi At least this gives a chance for Zadorov to go after Jamie Benn, right?.

@NHLPlayerSafety Ask yourself what was suspend-able about the hit & you’ll realize they couldn’t suspend him for anything. Charge? No Elbow? No Jump? No Blindside? No Malicious intent? No You can’t suspend someone when there’s no infraction. Unless Zadorov being too tall is suspension worthy.

Flames’ Zadorov avoids suspension for hit on Stars’ Glendening.

@SSneakyBeaver Did you see the Nikita Zadorov hit on Glendenning from the Flames game? Curious what you think of that hit..

@MDeFranks Oh goody - we get to watch Zadorov try to kill someone again then and get away with it? F U N.

@mjzibanedad Nah I gotta disagree, yes zadorov hit was definitely elbow to the head and should have been a penalty, but this is clear interference and should be a penalty every time.

I’m not going to lie… I don’t want Benn or any other players to take revenge on Zadorov for the hit. I want them to take it out on Markstrom and the Flames on the scoreboard and send that motherfucker home..

Detroit should sign 1. Forsberg 2. Zadorov 3. Namestnikov 4. Korpisalo 5. Colin Miller.

@CaniacChic These hits in general have been completely ignored across the league these playoffs. Trouba did this to Guentzel and Crosby the other night (sent Crosby away for a game). The only one I saw anything happened was the Zadorov one and nothing came from the hearing..

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