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Zeke really taking advantage of that Saturday playoff game.

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@autumnnn_g I can’t I’m too busy. My season isn’t over yet. Ask Zeke tho, he should be free.

@joshpera He is special, generational talent for me. Plus keep Foles and the team cannot contend next year with that cap hit you lose major pieces Its like Zeke, Dak and Martin all on big deals kill the Boys when that roles around.

@yae_krhy そうですね(´;ω;`) (PS2がなくてプレイ出来ない民).

@NOVA_LOPES @RealSkipBayless Defense lost this one. Also The OC should have called Dak on a bootleg where he could run it or throw it. I’m not taking the ball out of Dak’s hands right there. Zeke just didn’t have it tonight.

@Jay_Mundo85 @dpetr12676 The ceiling is so low w/Dak, it’s worth the risk of looking for someone else. I can’t imagine many would do less with this stacked team. All we need is a QB that can throw accurately to single covered WRs lmao. I mean given Zeke’s greatness, teams just dare the QB to beat them..

@RealSkipBayless Garrett looks like his mom puts on a strap on and his dad face fucks him after every game. Then Dak and Zeke lick it off..

Or run Zeke predictably up the middle on that 4th and 1 when down by 8 points and rolling..

Y’all kept telling me dak is nothing without Dakota rayne showed up but zeke never got off the tarmac.

ok i watched Zeke a few times tonight stand up and you get low and keep the legs mellennial version emmitt smith no good like everything else.

Zeke Elliott e Todd Gurley de cada lado e até agora o nome nas corridas foi o tratorzinho CJ Anderson #NFLPlayoffs #NFLnaESPN.

@HoodieSutton if cj anderson outplaying zeke is your excuse for him not being the best RB and gurley getting outplayed who the best runningback?.

@jacksfilms if ur making a thread to match the size of ya forehead it still needs some work.

Dallas always begin getting in trouble when they choose to stop going to Zeke for awhile.

@jncapo Estando Gurley les está destrozando CJ Anderson😂. A ver si aparece Zeke en este Drive, que de momento nada.

@clarencehilljr Dallas has 14 yards rushing in the first half. Dak hasn’t run it ONCE and not ONE pass to El stupido!!.

Are we gonna call RPO or anything or screens to zeke or just simple slants to Coop or Gallup.

why not run it again? Zeke just had 5 it’s 2nd RUN THE FUCKER AGAIN..

If you told me CJ would have more gears than Zeke & Gurley, I would’ve told you you smoke crack.

CJ Anderson is dominating a game the includes Zeke and Gurley. Football is weird.

@RabbitDoyle @PriscoCBS The irony in this post is that Gurley is paid well and Zeke will be too.

The Dallas front 7 has been their strength all season. They are getting punished so far tonight by the Rams offensive line with over 110 yds rushing in the first half. Dallas only has 11 yds rushing in 3 possessions. Can Dak, Zeke, and the offense win a shootout? #nflplayoffs.

@Pseudo_RGIII While Zeke out here looking slow. Must have been that pregame.

Beautiful 5 yard run by ZEKE, not many (if any) can make those kind of runs #HowBoutThemCowboys.

Zeke arrived to the game with Chick-Fil-A? Oh he might go 250 yards tonight. (via @espn).

Zeke really taking advantage of that Saturday playoff game..

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