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Three debuts for The Arsenal tonight. 🇫🇷 William Saliba 🇺🇦 Oleksandr Zinchenko 🇧🇷 Gabriel Jesus Read all about it right here 👇.

GOAL - MARTINELLI ASSIST - ZINCHENKO Crystal Palace 0-1 Arsenal (20 mins) #FPL #CRYARS.

City Xtra
City Xtra

Oleksandr Zinchenko’s farewell speech to #ManCity players and staff this summer. 🥹💙 @ZoryaLondonsk.

City Xtra
City Xtra

Pep Guardiola: Oleks [Zinchenko] arrived as a boy, coming from Ukraine, went on loan to Holland and came back and #ManCity wanted to loan him again, we wanted to sell him again. He said, ‘No, I want to stay.’ He was in the gym when everyone was .


No player had more touches (55) or created more chances (2) than Oleksandr Zinchenko in the first half of Crystal Palace vs. Arsenal. An assist on his debut. 🎯.

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They laid down their lives not only for Ukraine, but for all of Europe! RIP-Vladyslav Khomyk (22), Andriy Yenchke, Oleksiy Zinchenko (44), Yuriy Kachur Rest, comrades, rest & sleep! The thoughts of men shall be As sentinels to keep Your rest from danger free. #ArmUkraineNow.

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I would like to announce my retirement from Fantasy Football after last night’s opening match of the @premierleague season ⚽️🏆 #Zinchenko.

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Important to note that Zinchenko was very good especially offensive wise for us. Got an assist after a very clever movement in the box from a corner kick. I was deeply impressed!!!.

Gabriel Jesus, Alex Zinchenko and William Saliba become the joint 887th players to play for The Arsenal.

Jesus ikat 1 bek yg jaga tiang jauh sehingga ruang terbuka di sana. Terlihat Zinchenko udah berlari duluan sesaat sebelum bola ditendang. Jelas targetnya bukan direct ke Martinelli, tp tugasnya bikin umpan header ke kerumunan..

Zinchenko evidently adding a lot to our chances of scoring, but I felt safer defensively when Tierney was on. Think the choice between the two of them is going to depend on the opponent and the state of the game, not just one favourite every week..


One slight worry I do have from yesterday, when we play against teams with top top wingers (Liverpool for example), White and Zinchenko will seriously struggle against their pace & movement. Imperative we have Tomi + Tierney fit for those games.

Bintang baharu, Gabriel Jesus dan Oleksandr Zinchenko, saling memberi impak dalam penampilan sulung di bawah kendalian Mikel Arteta. #AWANInews #AWANI745.

Zinchenko dan Gabjes memberikan impact nya pada laga perdana EPL. Perpindahan posisi antar pemain & membuka ruang untuk pemain lain, bagaimana jalannya laga? Big thanks buat yg sudah retweet.

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@Laporte_SZN Idk why we’d sell Zinchenko knowing Brighton wanted 50 mil and still sell Zinchenko 😭.

Mikel Arteta menilai produksi film dokumenter All or Nothing: Arsenal tidak membuatnya merasa tertekan 🎬 Sang bos The Gunners juga menjelaskan proses perekrutan Gabriel Jesus dan Oleksandr Zinchenko dari Man City 😁🤙 #Arsenal #EPL.

No player had more touches (55) or created more chances (2) than Oleksandr Zinchenko in the first half of Crystal Palace vs. Arsenal. An assist on his debut. 🎯 #AFC.

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This is surreal 😅 For all of our Ukrainian followers, Martin Kemp is a well known British pop star & actor who was in the 80s band Spandau Ballet It’s their most well known song ‘Gold’ that’s been reworked for the new Zinchenko Arsenal terrace chant.

Muy buena la jugada a balón parado del Arsenal. 3 jugadores cerca del remate en área chica, 2 más por fuera como amenaza y en realidad Zinchenko asiste. XG de en el remate de Martinelli. 🎥 @MetricaSports.

#CRYARS #Zinchenko first half stats shots on target 1 Passing accuracy 89% Passes made 37 Touches 55 Long balls 1 Aerials won 1 Tackles 4.

@RatiodByTrey @UTDTrey Zinchenko assist + clean sheet. something your midget LB wont have this week🥱.

Arteta’dan 60-80 arası Tierney atıp Zinchenko’yu merkezde kullanmasını bekliyodum, içimde kaldı. Merkeze ekleme bu kadar lazımken Zinc nasıl olur acaba.

Zinchenko got bummed all game but arsenal fans aren’t ready for that conversation. Bonus points my arse.

@samderherrera Why would you even think about triple captaining zinchenko but it worked for him 😭.

@MarcSpurs @arlowhite I think if zinchenko is finally playing as a LWB then the defensive frailties are covered. He’s immense further up the pitch. & undoubtably a top addition for arsenal. Depending on what the game requires. But Tierney as the other is a very good blend of options.

BoomidiaDeal: Saliba and Zinchenko fire Arsenal’s early-season.

I swear Sky does this just to troll Arsenal and their fans. No fucking way Zinchenko and Jesus shouldn’t be included..

I say we sign that Zinchenko lad. Great talent, would work well under Pep..

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Buen partido de Zinchenko v CRY. Primeros 10’ abierto, luego dirigiendo desde el interior izq, se fue moviendo para compensar a Martinelli y Xhaka. Escalando por dentro con toques cortos, aparece entre líneas fijando y de espaldas. Está claro que Arteta sabe para qué lo trajo..

Who even THINKS about triple captaining Zinchenko in the first game week 😭😭.

Zinchenko Photo,Zinchenko Photo by HSNA FUT Analyst,HSNA FUT Analyst on twitter tweets Zinchenko Photo
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