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Making his 2nd #NBAAllStar Zion Williamson of the @PelicansNBA. Drafted as the 1st pick in 2019 out of Duke, @Zionwilliamson is averaging PPG, RPG and APG for the Pelicans this season..

Zion Photo,Zion Photo by #NBAAllStar,#NBAAllStar on twitter tweets Zion Photo

Amazing that a couple of guys from Zion, Illinois could come up with something totally brand new like this..

ALL-STAR STARTER! 🌟🤩 Zion Williamson foi escolhido como titular da conferência Oeste para o #NBAAllStar 2023 e vai representar o #Pelicans em Utah..

Zion Photo,Zion Photo by Pelicans the Squad 🇧🇷,Pelicans the Squad 🇧🇷 on twitter tweets Zion Photo

So proud of our team tonight! Won a double OT thriller at Immaculata 63-59 . @PhilipUnangst had 22 and Zion Harrison had 15. Down 12 at one point, we battled back. Very proud of the team..

This season got so many parallels with 2018-2019 - There’s 4-5 legit teams that can win their first championship - League parity both conferences - Kings are better than expected - Draft has their own version of Zion/Ja in Wemby/Scoot.

Zion keeps getting better and better right in front of our eyes!!! 💯 🔥 🚀.

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@aburnshoops Zion? The guy that’s carried his team most of the year and was in MVP talks before his injury?.

ふとした気づきなんですけどね…… 最近の広報エマチは「エマは何も知らないの」って言いませんね…… かつては情報チラ見せの時なんかは毎回と言っていいほど出ていた筈なんですが 私が見逃してるだけ?.

@HadokenExx @wendesley5 eu juro, eu não consigo nao marcar você, eu sei q é chato e não tem graça mas não dá, olha essa porra.

2023 All-Star Starters: 🏀Giannis Antetokoumpo (Captain) 🏀Jayson Tatum 🏀Kevin Durant 🏀Kyrie Irving 🏀Donovan Mitchell 🏀LeBron James (Captain) 🏀Zion Williamson 🏀Nikola Jokic 🏀Stephen Curry 🏀Luka Dončić.

@mattwaynes9 @ESPNNBA New Orleans isn’t a big market and if the league truly cares about pushing this Zion agenda then he and his team would be getting a better whistle in games. Also fans and players voted him in so league didn’t really have a choice.

@GeraldBourguet True but then again he and Zion have played the same amount of games….

@JustRyCole Zion’s only played 3 more games than him & hasn’t been close to AD’s level. There should be no way he doesn’t make the team.

La nba quiere meter a zion y a kevin durant por los ojos de la gente como sea! Odian a los extranjeros.

@Leozzy_ @Rome_Beast Bruh away. AD was putting up great numbers on a trash bag team, Zion was putting up great numbers on the #1 seed..

@NBAonTNT @PelicansNBA I don’t believe that Twitter watches basketball after reading this comment section. 😂💀 10th seed w/o Zion 1st seed before his injury this year. Everyone’s complaining about a popularity contest, but that’s what the All-Star game literally is.😂😂.

@LxyWaste @LegendOfWinning AD was putting up better numbers and Zion only played 3 more games than AD. Which is wild.

A Zion lo metieron para los mates y pa que se rompa las piernas.

Sabonis has 7 more games with double doubles than Zion has games played but whatever #NBAAllStar.

@RuthlessEchoz @TheNBACentral players ranked Zion, Sabonis, PG, and Lauri over AD so yeah they’re stupid.

ㅤ Zion ulang tahun mengingatkan ku bahwa aku juga akan jadi setua dia (kita linenya sama ternyata 😭) ㅤ.

@HoodiGuWop If Ad wasn’t getting it Sabonis should’ve Zion is good but AD and Sabonis are the only one Rivaling Giannis which is arguably the best PF in the league rn if AD could stay healthy then it’ll be AD, Giannis, Sabonis but rn it’s Giannis, Sabonis, and AD Zion nowhere near them.

Eu adm não trato o All Star como um régua em questão de nível, por envolver muito hype e a própria admiração de fã para atleta. Então jogadores como Embiid, Shai, Brown, Harden e AD(jogando tanto quanto ou + que o Zion e com a mesma quantidade de jogos) ficam como injustiçados..

@DadShoes88 @B4iSelfDestruck I said little daddy shoes because this is not a big deal, had absolutely nothing to do with you as a person, but your take on Zion not only making the all star team, but being picked as a starter. I thought you were a Pelicans fan? The voters voted and the votes are in. 🤷🏾‍♂️.

@gehrenbergdfs It is? If that’s the case the players having zion 3rd and sabonis 5th and AD 7th is more interesting.

No me gusta Zion en el Oeste. Me voy el Dios griego 🔥🔥🔥🔥.

2023 NBA All-Star: Joel Embiid biggest starter snub; Anthony Davis had a strong case over Zion Williamson.

@peoples_zion Should i come over and put that 🍆 inside my hole 🍆💦? If yes Send DM.

🌴Este sábado 25 de febrero se llevará a cabo Zion Sessions 2 en Expo Reforma en Ciudad de México como parte de lo que ha hecho Distrito Zion el festival, en tener un acercamiento más íntimo con la escena Reggae y su ideología, generando.

Zion Photo,Zion Photo by El ruidoso,El ruidoso on twitter tweets Zion Photo

trynna just drink water til i have my baby but zion caprisun is calling my name . its been in the fridge allllll day & its past his time for drinks so i guess ill drink it.

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