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Let’s thank Chief Justice Zondo and the #statecapture team for scrupulously investigating state capture allegations and providing a vivid and odious picture of how some of our key public institutions and processes were hijacked and repurposed for private gain #StateCaptureReport.


LIVE | Zondo finds former president Jacob Zuma and ex-spy boss Arthur Fraser protected each other against imprisonment.

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South Africa owes Chief Justice Raymond Zondo a debt of gratitude..

Patrice Motsepe You can not commit crime or be involved in corruption and get away with that. That is why it is important that we look at the Zondo Commission report #sabcnews.

You coward! That’s what the Zondo Commission is saying to the president. How could he not have known? If he didn’t, was his eye on the ball? Even after he did, he kept appointing the rogues because he was too afraid. Can he still find his backbone? Is it there? #702Breakfast.

Mr Putin
Mr Putin

CHIEF Justice Raymond Zondo has crit- icised President Cyril Ramaphosa for accepting donations from Bosasa and other undisclosed donors despite his denials that he did not know. In the @pretorianews.

For all the focus on former president Jacob Zuma and the Gupta family, the reports show that corruption was widespread in the African National Congress.

The reports document the astonishing scale of graft under the ruling African National Congress.

Former President Jacob Zuma will addess the media tomorrow at 12h30. Senior Counsel, Mzwanele Manyi, has already given him a summary of the Zondo Report..

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Zondo recommended that Members of Parliament who blow the whistle on corruption must be protected from purging by their own parties. ANC led by Ramaphosa suspended this whistleblower..

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@UniverSoulQueen @thecimonalisa Would resolve many issues if you required all men to get a vasectomy and have to apply and qualify to get it reversed.

- Establishes Zondo Commission into State Capture - Zondo Commission implicates him in state capture - “Zondo Commission is bad,” says he. Fun fact: if you look up “audacity,” in the dictionary there’s a photo of Jacob Zuma next to it. (This is sarcasm, please).

The device was allegedly used at the ANC Nasrec conference to leverage Dlamini-Zuma over Ramaphosa..

@CyrilRamaphosa @PresidencyZA Spend more time on Zondo 5 and less on The former matters to your citizens not your brics buddies.

@PetersWonderboy CJ Zondo made a finding that former President Donald Trump has a character not befitting the status of an American president. He was definitely overreaching.

The rogue comrades betrayed the trust that was placed in the ANC by our people. They stole from the masses of our people even at a time when state resources were meant to uplift and empower our people from centuries of oppression and denial of.

For a moment, forget about the contested findings and recommendations of the Zondo commission. Think about the many respected and brilliant civil servants who sold their souls and ruined their lucrative careers by implementing illegal instructions from politicians..

Raymond Zondo has dismissed bizarre excuses given by the elite crime-busting outfit, the Hawks, for failing to conclude investigations into allegations of corruption, fraud, and maladministration at the embattled the Passenger Rail Agency of SA..

SOEs at risk of recapture because politicians can still meddle, warns Zondo.


@_AfricanSoil The people are refusing any distractions by StratCom, be it Guptas, a bullet letter, or Zondo novels. We are focussed on the real crime.

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We must not lose this chance to get real electoral reform. We need constituency based elections for members of parliament and a direct election for president by 2024. If @CyrilRamaphosa is serious about Zondo recommendations he will push for this too..

Zondo report: Jacob Zuma’s involvement in the relationship between The New Age (TNA), ANN7 and the SABC caused the public broadcaster to lose more than R4 million between April 2011 and March 2017.

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Chief Justice Mogoeng Mogoeng was recently rightly or wrongly punished for his utterances which were deemed to stray beyond the restrictions of his judicial office into the political arena. The same should happen to Chief Justice Zondo. ~ Jacob Zuma Foundation..

Duduzani Zuma is busy ....not deterred by Judas Cyril Ramaphosa and Peter Raymond Zondo.

Ms Madonsela theory of state of capture doz not make sense. Zondo FAILED to prove it. Stellebosch awarded professorship before Thuli could prove her senseless theory. There is no such thing as state of capture.There is MONEY LAUNDERING, BRIBES & THEFT #PhalaPhalaFarm.

After exposing one media house for receiving R20-million in State Security Agency (SSA) payments, the Zondo commission, in its final report, failed honour its undertaking to give the names of other journalists who were captured through bribes..

On the Road with Eli(zondo) and St. Louis. A Dodger Fan’s Guide to Going to a Game at Busch Stadium, version.

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@ThuliMadonsela3 @NNtsaku All thanks to you Mama Thuli you saved us all and Chief Justice Zondo delivered us siyabonga👏👏👏.

Zondo did a great job, but I cannot understand why there was no section on the gutting of the NPA. etc..

@PetersWonderboy Can someone tell Zondo that Zuma will beat Ramaphosa in any election be it within or outside the ANC..

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