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I made Zouma more at fault than Kepa for the second Southampton goal. But really not great from either of them.

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Yoghurt ()

@FrederickRants @BrockSolidBlue Werner top class, Pulisic looked great, Havertz too but very casual he needs to wake up a bit, Kante was sloppy, Azpi good then bad, Zouma sloppy, Christensen shite, Chilwell fine, Jorginho was okay, Mount useless, subs were shite

Arthur Peeples
Arthur Peeples ()

I’d like to see Tomori given more opportunities. He has the best potential of any defender right now. Everyone else is a known quantity. I get that Silva must play when he is fit, but why not use the Zouma/Tomori combo more frequently when he is out?

Matt Ware-Anderson
Matt Ware-Anderson ()

@matissearmani Nah just shut the fuck up. Just shut the fuck up the defending was bad by Christensen and zouma all game this isnt just about kepa, did kepa have a good game? No but criticise him as if you could do any better while not saying a fucking thing about the defence passing sideways

Burr ()

@B1tch_killer @LapiroDeBanga Quite honestly, don’t think it’ll be our season with this defensive performance, Lampard sticks with Zouma cause he’s good in the air and idk wtf is Christensen , Mendy isn’t all that but anything is better than Kepa

Claire McConnell
Claire McConnell ()

@tim_rolls @gate17marco It was incredibly frustrating that 3 excellent goals were wasted. Zouma had a bad game. I just can’t fathom how we KEEP DOING THIS.

Kali ()

Chelsea fans really think they r gonna win the league with zouma as a starter

Daniel ()

@chelseaspainn @TrueChelseaFans Yo la verdad siempre he defendido a lampard pero en cierta parte tiene la culpa, porque no pone a tomori o bueno rudiger no ha jugado ni un partido esta temporada porque no ponerlo, zouma y christensen son unos coladores.

IdyVex#Endsars ()

@HajirFT Your analysis is dreadful. The rubbish partnership didn’t make zouma pass that dreadful pass or haverts losing possession in your own half so 🤫

Disappointment ()

@CFCMod_ @sarajbz Lmao Zouma was being a clown at the back, if you geniunely think Zouma played better than Christensen today i dont know what to say.

Idk ()

@VickyShegzy Zouma too i really dont understand why lampard is benching tomori every game

Aiman ()

Werner cetak 2 gol Fans: Kita pasti menang hari ini Kepa, Zouma, Christensen: NOT THAT FAST #CHESOU

Postdiluvian Patriarch
Postdiluvian Patriarch ()

Kepa and Zouma were actually distracted by the #EndSARS protest ... I stan a great man on and off the pitch ✊🏿 #EndSARS

Faizal Kurniawan Anuar
Faizal Kurniawan Anuar ()

@TruebluesIndo Asli sih ini , kalo bek nya christensen sama zouma backpass sering banget. Mana kepa gitu yaa kan. Jadilah autopanik😅

Rai Batista
Rai Batista ()

@chelsbrasil Essa defesa com Christensen, Zouma e Kepa é um convite ao prazer para o ataque adversá

Kαι 💎
Kαι 💎 ()

@WillsfcMitchell Yeah at least him and havertz got their first goals! I don’t think we need any more defenders, we just need a regular back line, we are constantly changing and causing more problems. It should be chilwell, zouma, Silva and RJ/Azpi(id prefer RJ) and that’s it, but we keep swapping

Yonito ()

@sujeeeen tomori and zouma, kante and kovacic thats a more reliable defense system why does frank trust christensen and jorginho so much ?

Louis ()

Y lo de Tomori no lo comprendo. Osea ya has visto que Zouma y Christensen no funcionan juntos y sigues sin verlo

Kai Shersby-King
Kai Shersby-King ()

@_CFCLiam Kepa and that’s it , you could say Zouma but Kepa just needs to clear the ball

The Tribe of Judah
The Tribe of Judah ()

@kofoworola__a @ThreeUK What kind of stupid defence is this?? Zouma and Christensen are shit

laolu olorunjeda
Laolu olorunjeda ()

@dr_dayo You can tell how uncomfortable Zouma was. He did the job of 2 CBs. We miss Silva today.

Angélica Silva
Angélica Silva ()

Ziyech, Pulisic, Werner y Havertz en cancha = 👏💪🔥💙💙 PERO Christensen, Zouma, Azpilicueta y Kepa = 👻💀🤖

Shegs ()

Zouma and Kepa can share the blame 50/50 for that 2nd goal but I never want to see Kepa in goal for Chelsea ever again.

Olabayo Elusakin
Olabayo Elusakin ()

@NenyeChelsea See Zouma is not in Chelsea class. The earlier the better we dropped the idiot

Mohd.Faizil.C.G. ()

@miroasyrav Zouma christensen la. Kante pon parok main malam ni. Ak rasa die xpuas hati kt lampard tu. 😅😅

Hajir🇸🇪 ()

We can’t keep defending Lampard every time. This CB paring has NEVER worked. Zouma and Tomori is a much better partnership. Tomori has also performed every game this season. I’m not Lampard out, he needs to step up.

Futebol Europeu em Números
Futebol Europeu em Números ()

🔵Participações em gols pelo Chelsea 2020/21: Havertz⚽⚽⚽⚽🅰 Jorginho⚽⚽⚽🅰🅰 Werner⚽⚽⚽🅰 Chilwell⚽🅰🅰🅰 Abraham⚽🅰🅰 Mount⚽🅰🅰 Zouma⚽⚽ James⚽🅰 Azpilicueta🅰🅰 Hudson-Odoi⚽ Barkley⚽ Giroud⚽

Miguel Rosas
Miguel Rosas ()

Ahora lo de Timo es muy bueno es un jugadorazo rodeado de Giroud,Pulisic,Havertz,Ziyech y hasta el mismo Mount marcara los goles que quiera El problema es la defensa,solo rescató a Chilwell y confío en el Tomori-Silva insistir con Christensen y Zouma ya es ser terco

Rushii17🚀 ()

Convinced Zouma a wuk up some rass guzu mek him inna mi starting 11 every week🤦🏿‍♂️

Holicz Tv
Holicz Tv ()

@asieduaaa_b Out of the 3 goals you conceded Kepa wasn’t the cause of any y’all just using him as a scapegoat and that’s not fair especially with the second goal he even came back to cover and all Zouma did was stand there

Matt Law
Matt Law ()

I made Zouma more at fault than Kepa for the second Southampton goal. But really not great from either of them.

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