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Twitter trends in worldwide now - McVay, pedro pedro, Bustos, 連休明け, Jadue, Sigamos, Tony Meatballs, Brady, 東大首席レベル.

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RankingTwitter Trend WorldwideTweets Volume
1.#التاسعه_لتكريم_ال74 793525
2.Thanksgiving 579761
3.#BTSxCorden 235929
4.#النصر_الهلال 216290
5.#GFVIP 206538
6.Black Friday 171771
7.The GSA 135482
8.Shona Shona Out Tomorrow 130307
9.Kami 124113
10.jisoo 114091
11.pedro pedro 112747
12.Emily Murphy 105894
13.HappyBirthday HandeErçel 89044
14.TWEWY 88169
15.AND IF I AM 86599
16.#SpotifyxBTS 85756
17.Sigamos 77333
18.Shona Shona 74745
19.WE TRUST YOU 67316
20.John Kerry 63781
21.Shehnaaz Kaur Gill 61919
23.UK Parliament 50740
24.Katie Porter 50557
25.Lidi 48937
26.Trinidad 47584
27.Papa Mochi 46895
29.Mono 42967
30.Lana 42314
31.Ally 38971
33.Vera 37258
34.JUNG HOSEOK 36940
35.国会答弁 35346
37.Carti 32619
38.二次創作 32486
39.#Shadowlands 32375
40.Persona 5 32345
41.Mustafa Kemal Atatürk 31976
42.Santana 29494
43.#NasceUmaEstrela 28801
44.#CuidemosTodosDeTodos 28504
45.Muğdat 28186
46.#ÖğretmenlerGünü 27877
47.Wolves 27695
48.#ProvaDeFogo 26960
49.Dayane 26892
50.Treasury Secretary 26190
51.SunKi 25873
52.Buccaneers 25446
53.Janet Yellen 25439
54.#benimöğretmenim 25017
55.STAY with iKON 24995
56.Shinkle 24876
57.Wawa 24393
58.Alfonso 23062
59.Shane 21245
60.連休明け 21222
61.#EdomexEnSemaforoNaranja 20269
62.Cartoon Network 19591
63.Brady 18831
65.Marengo 17120
66.24 نوفمبر 17066
67.٢٤ نوفمبر 17000
68.Gowon 15841
69.Shallow 15718
70.Betis 15530
71.Rams 15024
72.Sporting 15005
73.安倍氏側 14969
74.Nelly 13644
75.Boogie 13390
76.豆ちゃん 12944
77.Contessa 12491
78.Mayor Dinkins 12139
79.#kuizyお絵描き診断 11766
80.#RodaViva 11738
81.#LadyGagaNaGlobo 11587
82.Southampton 11095
83.ファン活動 11001
84.Rahm Emanuel 10911
85.dora figueiredo 10776
86.#SaveSmash 10500
87.リップル 10376
88.E o Lula 10301
89.#好きな元素を書いて偏差値診断 10265
90.Godwin 10142
91.#TrumpTheFool <10k
92.新型ノート <10k
93.杉山さん <10k
94.Gronk <10k
95.予約済みの旅行 <10k
96.森友問題 <10k
97.東大首席レベル <10k
98.Artem <10k
99.#HITFinal <10k
100.本物の公式アカウント <10k
101.Tony Meatballs <10k
102.空気感と文化 <10k
103.あなたの偏差値 <10k
105.グロ動画 <10k
106.어두운 과거 <10k
107.NE-YO <10k
108.Kudelka <10k
109.Villalibre <10k
110.こおわー <10k
111.#JO1豆原一成 <10k
112.やべっちスタジアム <10k
113.Ken Jennings <10k
114.Patricia Sosa <10k
115.Orense <10k
116.お師さん <10k
117.ノーベル賞候補 <10k
118.Always Remember Us This Way <10k
119.Nadeem <10k
121.McVay <10k
122.ガイドライン <10k
123.ホリミヤ実写化 <10k
124.Mike Evans <10k
125.Jordan Fuller <10k
126.OVNI <10k
128.Enock <10k
129.Van Jefferson <10k
130.HukukDevleti İstiyoruz <10k
131.狛枝くん <10k
132.千と千尋 <10k
133.alice glass <10k
134.Cooper Kupp <10k
135.エピオン <10k
136.Bustos <10k
137.やべっちFC <10k
138.巨人坂本 <10k
139.Matt Gay <10k
140.evdekal bilginiölçkazan <10k
141.Antonio Brown <10k
142.Bucs <10k
143.Moldavsky <10k
144.Víctor Ruiz <10k
145.Bruce Arians <10k
146.Pedro Marques <10k
147.盟友長野 <10k
148.Jadue <10k
149.#gntmgr <10k is born <10k

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BTS_official ()

Check out This is BTS on @Spotify where we answered some questions about our new album #BTS_BE! 👉

Spotify,Twitter trends in worldwide now
Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez
Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez ()

People across the country are going hungry, COVID is set to explode, and Mitch McConnell dismissed the Senate last week. I don’t know how these people can sleep at night. I really don’t.

Donald J. Trump
Donald J. Trump ()

I want to thank Emily Murphy at GSA for her steadfast dedication and loyalty to our Country. She has been harassed, threatened, and abused – and I do not want to see this happen to her, her family, or employees of GSA. Our case STRONGLY continues, we will keep up the

Donald J. Trump
Donald J. Trump ()

...fight, and I believe we will prevail! Nevertheless, in the best interest of our Country, I am recommending that Emily and her team do what needs to be done with regard to initial protocols, and have told my team to do the same.

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez
Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez ()

The House doesn’t have filibusters, @tedcruz. We also passed several COVID relief packages to the Senate that not only include >$500 billion, but also prioritize helping real people as opposed to Wall St bailouts the GOP tries to pass off as “relief.” Nice try though 👍🏽

Antony Blinken
Antony Blinken ()

The messages from friends and colleagues that I’ve received over the past 15 hours have been humbling.  Honored to announce, officially, that I have been nominated to serve as Secretary of State. If confirmed, this is a mission I will take on with my full heart.

BigHit Entertainment
BigHit Entertainment ()

[기사] #방탄소년단, 美 매거진 ‘에스콰이어’ 커버 장식 “방탄소년단은 이미 승리자!”

Jenna Ellis
Jenna Ellis ()

For everyone posting my comments from five years ago, I’m glad you saw those. It shows how media is absolutely lying to you about President Trump, and when you know the truth, your opinion will change. Mine did. Love the Lord & seek truth always. ❤️

The Late Late Show with Papa Mochi 💜
The Late Late Show with Papa Mochi 💜 ()

Honored to have our besties ,@BTS_twt, perform Life Goes On #BTSxCorden 💜

Bleacher Report
Bleacher Report ()

Tonight’s Rams vs. Bucs game features an all-Black officiating crew for the first time in league history @brgridiron

Rams,Twitter trends in worldwide now
Donald Trump Jr.
Donald Trump Jr. ()

I’m seeing a lot of talk from people that are supposed to be on our side telling GOP voters not to go out & vote for @KLoeffler and @PerdueSenate. That is NONSENSE. IGNORE those people. We need ALL of our people coming out to vote for Kelly & David. #MAGA #GASEN

Rep. Katie Porter
Rep. Katie Porter ()

GSA Administrator Emily Murphy was supposed to brief Congressional leadership today about why she’s obstructing a smooth transition of power. She refused to show up, and now she’s trying to send her deputy next week in her place. Enough. The American people deserve answers.

WeRateDogs® ()

This is Milo. He’s not going to let a little rain stop him from having fun with his friends at the park. 13/10

Park,Twitter trends in worldwide now
George Takei
George Takei ()

I want to live in a country where Colin Kaepernick is seen as a hero and Kyle Rittenhouse is seen as a terrorist.

NCT ()

‘NCT – The 2nd Album RESONANCE ’ 피지컬 앨범 발매 연기 관련 안내 말씀 드립니다. 

Everton Ribeiro
Everton Ribeiro ()

Há um ano conquistávamos a América! Que dia! 🏆🥇❤️🖤🙌🏻

Día 1,Twitter trends in worldwide now
あんさんぶるスターズ!!【公式】 ()

(2/6)【お知らせ】 11月30日からシャッフルイベント『SHUFFLE×夜の帳とバトラー』を開催予定です✨ シャッフルユニット『XXVeil(ヴェール)』が歌う楽曲『Midnight Butlers』のMVを先行公開します🤵 イベント予告は11月28日にTwitterとアプリ内に掲載予定です💫 #あんスタ

Kamala Harris
Kamala Harris ()

As we head into this holiday week, please take every precaution you can to keep yourself, your family, and your community safe. Wear a mask, wash your hands, and practice social distancing. Coronavirus cases are spiking across the country so we must remain vigilant.

Jesse Kelly
Jesse Kelly ()

Why don’t we already have a special prosecutor with a $40 million dollar budget investigating Illegitimate Chinese President Joe Biden?

Rob Reiner
Rob Reiner ()

4 years ago Donald Trump entered the Presidency violating the Constitution. He’s exiting the same way. Once a Criminal always a Criminal.

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