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RankingTwitter Trend WorldwideTweets Volume
1.Pará 2131933
2.The Show 602782
3.Arsenal 453053
4.#เด็กใหม่2 253541
5.Labour 221842
6.nct hollywood 215746
7.#ENHYPEN3rdWin 194798
8.Curtain 177474
9.Jacarezinho 154580
10.PayPal 144227
11.hobi 139844
12.karina 128657
13.Floyd 124946
14.Music Bank 102227
15.Brexit 98628
16.Tory 95792
17.一ノ瀬トキヤ 89139
19.Tip Jar 85105
20.Kis-My-Ft2 84487
21.Jake Paul 79737
22.Starmer 79560
23.Gremio 76434
24.Tories 70517
25.#CROWN100MOnSpotify 69237
26.#金スマ 66405
27.Hartlepool 64767
29.#AmaSofreChora 63585
30.Mayweather 61059
31.Carol 60061
33.#GreysAnatomy 55956
34.J Cole 48309
35.#Japril 45321
36.#اوريم 45155
37.#CatShark 40426
38.トキヤさん 40312
39.Corbyn 38851
40.声優さん 37204
41.LLC PARTY 32411
42.#ChiefMinisterMKStalin 32309
43.할리우드 32208
44.luisa 30662
45.Luka 30373
46.Pabllo 28467
47.Aragua 26313
48.#キスマイソロMV公開 26205
49.#BBCAN9 26031
50.IOCバッハ 25338
51.#CHPdeTecavüz 24605
53.#Mステ 24334
54.O Santos 23603
55.#DavidoAt10 23369
56.投げ銭システム 22831
57.Isaiah Rashad 22403
58.ASHLYN 22325
59.グーニーズ 21058
62.宮田くん 19589
63.Carpio 18430
64.Carti 18209
65.Ortega 16888
66.タイタニック 16313
67.Peñarol 15944
68.Otero 15847
69.Miss the Rage 15565
70.Trippie 14198
71.arin 14191
72.Kyrie 14126
73.#少クラ 13924
74.投げ銭機能 13138
75.#lisedebence 12798
77.イーブイヒーローズ 12754
78.#fridaymorning 11719
79.Clippers 11577
80.WE LOVE YOUN1T 11205
81.어버이날 10803
82.Diniz 10627
83.神谷さん 10605
84.僕らの意味 10520
85.アイリス 10405
86.Mavs 10171
87.Esteves 10122
88.jubeat 10039
89.Krista <10k
90.ヒルナンデス <10k
91.comendador <10k
92.予定のIOCバッハ会長来日 <10k
93.アーモンドキャラメルコーン <10k
94.草尾さん <10k
95.#DuterteDuwag <10k
96.애즈랜드 <10k
97.ワンパック同盟 <10k
98.古谷さん <10k
99.#水煙の章 <10k
100.橋本聖子会長 <10k
101.Maria Marta <10k
102.Girón <10k
103.一匹狼タイプ <10k
104.천둥번개 <10k
105.ノーアウト満塁 <10k
106.ビターキャラメルコーン <10k
107.ParaBitti MügeGitti <10k
108.#あなたの心の血液型 <10k
109.愛園さん <10k
110.ギラバニアンブレイド <10k
111.佐藤輝明 <10k
112.オースティン <10k
113.Jill Mortimer <10k
114.gabi rippi <10k
115.Juanse <10k
116.#TY4B <10k
117.São Bento <10k
118.ONI-CHAN <10k
119.転売ヤー <10k
120.中居くん <10k
121.Telmex <10k
122.所持金42円 <10k
123.愛園さん3D <10k
124.スギノール <10k
125.千ちゃん <10k
126.Wizdomiot <10k
127.Zé Rafael <10k
128.Tee Grizzley <10k
129.Jeff Carter <10k
130.ハイステ <10k
131.馬の頭部 <10k
132.わけほー <10k
133.完璧主義 <10k
134.#ElectionResults2021 <10k
135.バッハ氏来日 <10k
136.🧡向井康二 <10k
137.初期キャラ <10k
138.Ponzio <10k
139.出撃セリフ <10k
140.Pitton <10k
141.Khan Chacha <10k
142.O型・AB型 <10k
143.野沢さん <10k
144.당신의 전생 <10k
145.りとらくん <10k
146.Luan Guilherme <10k
147.Grenfell <10k
148.당신의 전생 프로필 <10k
149.Cauê <10k
150.#tubbospace <10k

Worldwide Popular Tweets Now

Matt ()

judging a bi woman for dating a man is really not the progressive feminist take some of u think it is

Renato Souza
Renato Souza ()

AGORA: Após críticas de Bolsonaro a China, país asiático limita envio de insumos para produção de vacinas contra a covid-19 no Brasil.

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez
Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez ()

That’s funny, because Jamie Dimon didn’t give working people an itemized list of the school districts, public hospitals, infrastructure, or affordable housing projects he was helping defund when he pushed for the $2T GOP Tax Scam in 2017 w/ goodies for yacht and jet owners. 🤷🏽‍♀️

J. Cole
J. Cole ()

it can go up it can go either way I’m prepared “i n t e r l u d e” produced by @tminus_music @tommyparker80s and me streaming now see you in a week The Off-Season

David Spade
David Spade ()

I wonder if @elonmusk on #snl will be a 90 minute infomercial for Doge coin. (Buying it as we speak)

Virat Kohli
Virat Kohli ()

Anushka and I have started a campaign on @ketto, to raise funds for Covid-19 relief, and we would be grateful for your support. Let’s all come together and help those around us in need of our support. I urge you all to join our movement. Link in Bio! 🙏 #InThisTogether

President Biden
President Biden ()

Folks, there are no Republican roads or Democratic bridges. The American Jobs Plan is a once-in-a-generation investment in America itself.

BT21 ()

Cuddle up for a good night sleep 💤 #BT21 #ADreamOfBaby Pillow Cushion Launch! ☁️ Soft & fluffy, like hugging a cloud ☁️ Perfect size to cuddle with ☁️ Cutest babies dozing off Get a good night sleep with BT21 Babies. Check it out now 👉

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Thiago Amparo
Thiago Amparo ()

No Uber, o senhor motorista: “E o Bolsonaro?” Eu: silêncio apreensivo. Motorista: Não é possível que falou mal da China de novo, o país que tem os insumos da vacina. Esse cara não devia nem estar na presidência. Eu: 💙

Candace Owens
Candace Owens ()

Biden just authorized the Department of Justice to interfere on the Arizona election audit?? Democrats are positively shameless about what they did during the 2020 election. THE BIG LIE.

Gustavo Petro
Gustavo Petro ()

Senadora @charoguerra, usted transmitió una información al público donde se afirma que yo recibo dineros de Maduro y del ELN para pagar actos de terror en las protestas. Le solicito presente las pruebas o rectifique su información, o procederé ante la Corte Suprema de Justicia

Bernie Sanders
Bernie Sanders ()

Rep. Liz Cheney (R-WY) will likely be voted off the House Republican Leadership. Her crime: acknowledging the reality that Trump lost the election. The Republican Party is no longer a conservative party. It is an anti-democratic cult pushing the Big Lie and conspiracy theories.

Aylin Kotil
Aylin Kotil ()

Sayın bakana önerim, dilerse biz yaz boyunca İç Anadolu Bölgesine çekilelim, turizm sezonu bitince geri döneriz. @MevlutCavusoglu

Pinarayi Vijayan
Pinarayi Vijayan ()

Dear @mkstalin, as you take on your new responsibilities as the Chief Minister of Tamil Nadu, let me wish you great success. I hope that we can further deepen the fraternal love that Keralites and Tamilians have shared for centuries, and work together for a better India.

Sergio Ramos
Sergio Ramos ()

Jodidos, sí. Hundidos, nunca. La historia del @realmadrid se ha forjado con las victorias, pero se ha levantado de las derrotas. Nos queda la Liga y vamos a por ella. #HalaMadrid 📸 Getty

Liga 1,Twitter trends in worldwide now
Rahul Gandhi
Rahul Gandhi ()

Central Vista is criminal wastage. Put people’s lives at the centre- not your blind arrogance to get a new house!

Sensacionalista ()

Alexandre Garcia faz 10 segundos de silêncio na CNN e ganha o Pulitzer

Alexandre Garcia,Twitter trends in worldwide now
President Biden
President Biden ()

I’ve often said: if there are angels in heaven, they’re nurses. Nurses have given so much, and saved so many lives throughout the course of this pandemic. On this first day of National Nurses Week — know that I am deeply thankful, and will always fight for you.

Candace Owens
Candace Owens ()

Biden’s Department of Justice is completely out of line in interfering in with Arizona’s audit. What we are seeing here is a level of election corruption known only in third world countries. If you didn’t cheat, why would you ever work to stop an audit of votes?

Marvel Studios
Marvel Studios ()

Rest In Peace, Jimmy. You have been such a great friend to all of us at Marvel Studios for so many years. Your love and light were an inspiration to everyone that knew you. We will miss you.

rest in love,Twitter trends in worldwide now
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