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Updated: June 25th, 2022 08:42 AM IST
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1.Supreme Court 1M+
3.America 1M+
4.The US 1M+
5.SCOTUS 855K+
6.Democrats 545K+
7.Republicans 509K+
8.Justices 437K+
9.Constitution 418K+
10.Congress 410K+
11.#RoeVsWade 402K+
12.Senate 374K+
13.Clarence Thomas 312K+
14.California 280K+
15.Christian 246K+
16.Loving 241K+
17.Dems 204K+
18.Dobbs 203K+
19.Unión 198K+
20.Kavanaugh 193K+
21.#RoeVWade 154K+
22.刀剣乱舞 140K+
23.エアコン 127K+
24.Nenê 125K+
25.Estados Unidos 124K+
26.Hillary 110K+
27.Gorsuch 102K+
28.Planned Parenthood 97K+
29.EEUU 97K+
30.Susan Collins 93K+
31.水分補給 90K+
32.Andrew 90K+
33.Román 88K+
34.Manchin 78K+
35.Missouri 76K+
36.Virginia 72K+
37.熱中症気 67K+
38.billie 60K+
39.Catholic 56K+
40.Bernie 54K+
41.Andrade 51K+
42.#RoeOverturned 50K+
43.梅雨明け 48K+
44.クーラー 47K+
45.Phillips 46K+
46.Plan B 45K+
47.Tasha 45K+
48.#AbortionRightsAreHumanRights 38K+
49.Riquelme 37K+
50.Gabriel Jesus 34K+
51.#mybodymychoice 34K+
52.Gilead 28K+
53.Jacques 26K+
54.Paige 25K+
56.O Vasco 24K+
57.Botman 20K+
58.#GoAvsGo 19K+
59.Yuri Alberto 18K+
60.#StanleyCup 16K+
61.Danica 15K+
62.The Onion 15K+
63.吉田拓郎 15K+
64.#SmackDown 14K+
65.Freddie 14K+
66.#WomensRightsAreHumanRights 13K+
67.Jagger 13K+
68.Palácios 13K+
69.#AEWRampage 12K+
70.#Glastonbury2022 11K+
71.Bustamante 11K+
72.Werner 11K+
73.Vázquez 10K+
74.#アーニャ 10K+
75.Campuzano <10K
76.Lad Cobra <10K
77.Westbrick <10K
78.Troyansky <10K
79.Sevy <10K
80.Weigandt <10K
81.Weverton <10K
82.Vascão <10K
83.Makar <10K
84.#旅サラダ <10K
85.Figal <10K
86.Jan Rutta <10K
87.Foals <10K
88.Tadeu <10K
89.Pettis <10K
90.まっすー <10K
91.Taison <10K
92.ラーハルト <10K
93.São Januário <10K
95.Lazさん <10K
97.Coritiba <10K
98.Severino <10K
99.Little Simz <10K
100.Sonya <10K
101.nichushkin <10K
103.Molinas <10K
104.Nattie <10K
105.拓郎さん <10K
106.Pedro Henrique <10K
107.Caio Vidal <10K
108.Operário <10K
109.Guta <10K
110.Debinha <10K
111.Sheamus <10K
112.Primal Scream <10K
113.Izquierdoz <10K
114.#TheLastDriveIn <10K
115.#ENGNED <10K
116.Viking Raiders <10K
117.Back to Tampa <10K
118.鬼殺の志 <10K
119.Harry Gration <10K
120.#ダイの大冒険 <10K
121.Rangkaian Hari Bhayangkara <10K
122.#Garantido <10K
123.RIP Harry <10K
124.Zé Leôncio <10K
125.Nayara <10K
126.ジヘッド <10K
127.Alemão <10K
128.Sam Fender <10K
129.Melconian <10K
130.Ian Anderson <10K
131.Salvio <10K
132.Palat <10K
133.Tina Clayton <10K
134.#glastonburyfestival2022 <10K

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Forced birth in a country that doesn’t have mandatory maternity leave or universal healthcare…


If this was about babies, there would be universal healthcare. Free education. Free daycare. Southern states would be doing all they can to drop the Black maternal mortality rate. This is about power and control

Overturning Roe and outlawing abortions will never make them go away. It only makes them more dangerous, especially for the poor + marginalized. People will die because of this decision. And we will never stop until abortion rights are restored in the United States of America.

Abortion is legal in California. It will remain that way. I just signed a bill that makes our state a safe haven for women across the nation. We will not cooperate with any states that attempt to prosecute women or doctors for receiving or providing reproductive care.


Twitter trends Worldwide - #LeftandRight by Charlie Puth

I’m absolutely devastated for the people of America today. Check on your friends. Look after each other. We’re all in this together, and the fight is just beginning. A truly dark day for America.

If you’re against abortion, don’t get one. If you’re against contraception, don’t take any. If you’re against same-sex relationships, don’t have one. If you’re against same-sex marriage, don’t marry someone of same gender. Do not impose your beliefs & religion on all Americans.

I will explain this to you slowly: exercising our right to protest is not obstruction of Congress nor an attempt to overturn democracy. If one were a heinous enough person to do that, they’d likely seek a pardon for it too. But only one of us here has done that. And it ain’t me

Twitter trends Worldwide - Congress by Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez

The same SCOTUS that said yesterday that states don’t have the ability to regulate guns today gave states the power to regulate women’s bodies.


🎂 Happy Birthday, Leo Messi! ❤️💙🤩 🎉3⃣5️⃣

Twitter trends Worldwide - Messi by Paris Saint-Germain

jewish law requires an abortion if the fetus is threatening the mother’s life. “religious freedom” in america only ever applies to the white christian masses.

Overturning Roe v. Wade and denying women the right to control their own bodies is an outrage and in defiance of what the American people want. Democrats must now end the filibuster in the Senate, codify Roe v. Wade, and once again make abortion legal and safe.

I wrote this one alone in the middle of the night and then @AaronDessner and I meticulously worked on a sound that we felt would be authentic to the moment when this story takes place. I made a wish that one day you would hear it. ‘Carolina’ is out now 🥺

Arsenal and Manchester City have reached full verbal agreement today for Gabriel Jesus. Deal in place after new meeting - been told guaranteed fee is £45m. 🚨🇧🇷 #AFC Arsenal are now working on personal terms with Gabriel’s camp - final step to get the deal completed very soon.

Twitter trends Worldwide - Gabriel Jesus by Fabrizio Romano
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