Worldwide Twitter Trending Topics And Hashtag

Updated: October 17th, 2021 04:45 PM IST
S.No.Twitter Trend WorldwideTweet Volume
1.Batman 340K+ tweets
2.América 294K+ tweets
3.#SPACEMANOUT 215K+ tweets
4.Alex Saab 213K+ tweets
5.#MostRequestedLive 208K+ tweets
6.Wanda 161K+ tweets
7.Icardi 102K+ tweets
8.#Calamidade 95K+ tweets
9.#ArrestAIIMSCulprits 92K+ tweets
10.Cabo Verde 87K+ tweets
11.#precure 77K+ tweets
12.Braves 75K+ tweets
13.#MevlidKandili 71K+ tweets
14.#ForteTheConcert2021 63K+ tweets
15.Robert Pattinson 61K+ tweets
16.#秋華賞 58K+ tweets
17.Iowa 57K+ tweets
18.#MarkBam 49K+ tweets
19.Muhammed 49K+ tweets
20.#それスノ 48K+ tweets
21.#lovelive 46K+ tweets
22.Mübarek Olsun 45K+ tweets
23.China Suárez 44K+ tweets
24.#ゼンカイジャー 42K+ tweets
25.#仮面ライダーリバイス 40K+ tweets
26.プリキュア 38K+ tweets
27.#MTBB 35K+ tweets
28.Kentucky 35K+ tweets
29.Dante 33K+ tweets
30.1Y 2Gether FanMeeting 32K+ tweets
31.#リア突WEST 28K+ tweets
32.#AEWDynamite 27K+ tweets
33.Team Spirit 26K+ tweets
35.Purdue 25K+ tweets
36.#BattleATL 24K+ tweets
37.#lovefighters 24K+ tweets
38.#相葉マナブ 22K+ tweets
39.The SidNaaz Song Coming Soon 22K+ tweets
40.#SB19Forte 22K+ tweets
41.Tennessee 21K+ tweets
42.#鉄腕DASH 20K+ tweets
43.I&R IN ATLANTA 20K+ tweets
44.Jリーグ 19K+ tweets
45.#Liella 19K+ tweets
46.ステイシー 19K+ tweets
47.スーパースター 18K+ tweets
48.ヴェイン 17K+ tweets
49.Utah 15K+ tweets
50.#يوم_المراه_العمانيه 15K+ tweets
51.Riquelme 15K+ tweets
52.Our Aim Justice 4 SSR 15K+ tweets
53.ストーブ 15K+ tweets
54.映画化決定 14K+ tweets
55.WE CHOOSE MAYWARD 14K+ tweets
56.Aguirre 14K+ tweets
57.ユーバーレーベン 14K+ tweets
59.ソダシ歯 13K+ tweets
60.#ノンノ50周年 13K+ tweets
61.#Savage4thWin 13K+ tweets
62.BDAY POCAH 12K+ tweets
63.カノジョ 12K+ tweets
64.アカイトリノムスメ 12K+ tweets
65.Hayırlı Kandiller 12K+ tweets
66.GoldenArrow ASAP Performance 12K+ tweets
67.ALGS 12K+ tweets
68.牝馬三冠 12K+ tweets
70.アパパネ 11K+ tweets
71.ソダシちゃん 11K+ tweets
72.Huracán 11K+ tweets
73.戌亥とこ 11K+ tweets
74.Confiança 11K+ tweets
75.オークス 11K+ tweets
76.Will Smith 10K+ tweets
77.Ole Miss 10K+ tweets
78.ForteCon 1stShow 10K+ tweets
79.ファインルージュ 10K+ tweets
80.Aimbot <10K tweets
81.Neyland <10K tweets
82.いもち病 <10K tweets
83.スルーセブンシーズ <10K tweets
84.変身成功おじさん <10K tweets
85.Matt Corral <10K tweets
86.Almendra <10K tweets
87.Schönen Sonntag <10K tweets
88.Bruins <10K tweets
89.打撃妨害 <10K tweets
90.#ForTheA <10K tweets
91.マジック5 <10K tweets
92.Mark Cuban <10K tweets
93.創設時の理念 <10K tweets
94.ゾンサガ映画化 <10K tweets
95.#いっしょにCYaRon2nd_Day2 <10K tweets
96.McDavid <10K tweets
97.スノハレ <10K tweets
98.美的理念 <10K tweets
99.グレートティーチャー鬼使い <10K tweets
100.Heisman <10K tweets
101.パンサラッサ <10K tweets
102.シロイアレノムスメ <10K tweets
103.パトレン1号 <10K tweets
104.リアム看守 <10K tweets
105.Mikey Garcia <10K tweets
106.正門くん <10K tweets
107.高モンスター <10K tweets
108.トロピカ <10K tweets
109.マイラー <10K tweets
110.#marr <10K tweets
111.Corral <10K tweets
112.Yatoro <10K tweets
113.平安型人間 <10K tweets
114.地域密着 <10K tweets
115.#pazar <10K tweets
116.Solari <10K tweets
117.オジュウチョウサン <10K tweets
118.アールドヴィーヴル <10K tweets
119.PRODUCER JIMIN <10K tweets
120.Cチーム <10K tweets
121.Sandor Martin <10K tweets
122.Arif Sağ <10K tweets
123.Chape <10K tweets
124.マイルCS <10K tweets
125.Liss <10K tweets
126.Tüm İslam <10K tweets
127.Albies <10K tweets
128.もののあはれ <10K tweets
129.アンドヴァラナウト <10K tweets
130.フリントちゃん <10K tweets
131.#CRWIN <10K tweets
132.Tyler Matzek <10K tweets
133.CUTIE RAVAL TURNING 27 <10K tweets
134.Bowen Yang <10K tweets
135.ForteCon 2ndShow <10K tweets
136.アナザーリリック <10K tweets
137.Lane Kiffin <10K tweets
138.山田哲人 <10K tweets
139.Corey Anderson <10K tweets
140.芋洗坂係長 <10K tweets
141.エイシンヒテン <10K tweets
142.ARNALDO <10K tweets
143.#sundayvibes <10K tweets
144.Starlight Prologue <10K tweets
145.センスの持ち <10K tweets
146.頃の大二 <10K tweets
147.Riddle <10K tweets
148.引退セレモニー <10K tweets
149.Joe Milton <10K tweets
150.#ジャにのちゃんねる <10K tweets
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In third place it’s the Glare, we guess you aren’t as afraid of the dark as we are? That leaves the Allay and the Copper Golem going head-to-head in the final round! Vote for your winner now!

Vengeance has arrived at #DCFanDome. Watch the new trailer for The Batman now! Only in theaters March 4. ♥️ this tweet to get reminders when tickets go on sale and when #TheBatman lands in theaters.

Someone explain why he’s not nominated for the ballon d’or 🤔🤔🤔 What a EDOUARD MENDY 💪🏾

Chelsea had the chance to sign Donnarumma as free agent, months ago. The board wanted to trust Mendy as “he’s our goalkeeper for next years too” 🔵 #CFC 7 years ago Edouard was unemployed, lining up at a local job center & ready to quit football. Now he’s untouchable at Chelsea.

Chelsea - Twitter trends in worldwide now

Ladies & gents… Enjoy your WORLD EXCLUSIVE first look⚡️ He is ruthless. He is unstoppable. He is the reason the hierarchy of power in the DC UNIVERSE is about to change. He is #BLACKADAM The Man in Black has come #DCFanDome @SevenBucksProd @flynnpictureco

Erling Haaland scored 49 goals in 49 Bundesliga official games since he joined Borussia Dortmund. 🟡🤖 #Haaland #BVB

Haaland - Twitter trends in worldwide now

Delta’s CEO says they’re ditching the vaxx mandate for employees… the first big company to DIRECTLY flout Biden’s dictate?!!! THIS IS WHAT I’M TALKING ABOUT.

#ウマ娘 #ゲームウマ娘 ・「秋華賞」記念プレゼント マニー×50000

#秋華賞 - Twitter trends in worldwide now

[영상] 딜레마에 빠진 #ENHYPEN (#엔하이픈) 의 성장 메시지! ‘INTRO + Tamed-Dashed’ @ 인기가요 ()

We must remember not to glare at each other over the mob vote and instead allay each others concerns. Yes the results left me feeling like an oxidized copper golem… But there is always hope for a rejected mob vote in the future… Plus we got frogs :D @minecraft #MobVote2021

Jurgen Klopp: “Come on, who is better than Mo Salah at the moment? There is nobody better… and that is clear”. 🔴🇪🇬 #LFC #Salah

Mo Salah - Twitter trends in worldwide now

Ribbit! That’s right, frogs join Minecraft in The Wild Update – coming 2022! We also learnt about new Seasonal Adventures for @dungeonsgame, and BOTH Bedrock and Java Editions coming to Game Pass for PC! Read our full recap of #MinecraftLive now: ↣ ↢

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