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Updated: August 6th, 2021 05:44 AM IST
RankingTwitter Trend WorldwideTweet Volume
1.Barcelona 1042604
2.#คณะราษเปซ 786680
3.Barça 503667
4.#winmetawin 305989
5.#LINETVAWARDS2021 289237
6.Villa 212588
7.taylor 209138
8.Madrid 168861
9.Grealish 163569
10.Kanye 140860
11.Messi 135536
13.Barca 130907
14.Marca 102631
15.Champions 98098
16.#FIGHTorESCAPE_EscapeClip 88571
17.Manchester City 88418
19.Ümitcan Uygun 86658
20.#Queendom_Teaser2 84897
22.Hugo 83043
23.Kane 82977
24.銀メダル 80710
25.Kim Taehyung 72427
27.Luka 70543
28.Ed Sheeran 65753
29.Ronaldo 65071
30.Tyler 65066
31.sheeran 64040
33.#esrahankulu 60647
34.El Kun 60306
36.Neymar 59691
38.TEN LEE 57223
39.Correios 56502
40.#HearUsNiantic 56238
41.#conseilconstitutionnel 54654
42.Donda 52184
43.#クセスゴ 51194
44.Cristiano 51135
46.Galatasaray 48272
47.Guardiola 46881
48.Ramos 46259
49.Matthew 44788
51.#モニタリング 42930
52.Francia 41499
53.Faye 41019
55.Batum 40948
56.Alberto Ginés 37658
57.Man City 37025
58.phoebe 36889
59.#レコメン 36815
60.Nothing New 36037
61.ジェットストリームアタック 34614
62.Anthony Zambrano 32897
63.カノッサの屈辱 32835
64.Aaliyah 32200
65.Doncic 32144
66.yixing 31901
67.Steelers 31348
68.Better Man 31345
69.Mbappe 30870
70.Sandra Sánchez 30627
71.Cowboys 30059
72.La Liga 28946
73.SSR Removed BollyMasks 28484
74.Kohli 27690
75.Tito 26402
76.トヨタ本社 25534
77.木下投手 25466
78.姉妹金メダル 23547
79.Swifties 23126
80.برشلونة 22102
81.台風3つ 22004
82.Thatcher 21961
83.Juventus 21749
84.川井姉妹 21232
85.Valentino Rossi 20791
86.Nasser 20559
87.#人生で一番面白かったゲーム 20475
88.Depay 20461
89.Slovenia 20407
90.因果関係 20286
91.原子爆弾 19799
92.Florentino 19125
93.Ömer 19059
94.バルセロナ 18392
95.原爆特番 18289
96.VOTEM NÃO 18062
97.St Johnstone 17873
98.باريس 17852
99.#GSvSJFC 16781
100.紗子選手 16097
101.Juve 15515
102.#HALKTV 15154
103.スポニチアネックス 15054
104.ميسي 14988
105.#広島原爆の日 14575
106.#RENxBTS 14286
107.ハイロー 13623
108.Spesial Buat Yang Rebahan 13366
109.South Park 13334
110.神ちゃん 13313
111.Eray Şamdan 12904
112.Tebas 12675
113.Aguero 12391
115.Laporta 11816
116.Griezmann 11288
117.Fatih Terim 11097
118.#GovernorWho 11063
119.Coutinho 10882
120.電撃発表 10669
121.Bobby Eaton 10667
122.#iunlockedthevault 10547
123.Diniz 10217
124.#cabinetreshuffle <10k
125.Dinamarca <10k
126.Milli Eğitim Bakanı <10k
127.Richard Trumka <10k
128.意識不明 <10k
129.Jimmy Anderson <10k
130.Tabata Amaral <10k
131.Message in a Bottle <10k
132.抗議4000件超 <10k
133.City or PSG <10k
134.製造欠陥 <10k
135.#arasakargoyok <10k
136.Yangın KiminPlanı <10k
137.モナリザ <10k
138.Back 4 Blood <10k
139.JIHAN SELCA <10k
140.Vitinho capitão <10k
141.Pedrerol <10k
142.だてラウ <10k
143.Bitton <10k
144.木下雄介投手 <10k
145.#رشاش_الحلقه7_علي_شاهد <10k
146.당신의 포카 <10k
147.Superliga <10k
148.ジャニーズ代表 <10k
149.Tarihin EnSıcak <10k
150.Newell <10k
Worldwide Popular Tweets Now

Love is a ruthless game 😎 #iunlockedthevault

#iunlockedthevault - Twitter trends in worldwide now

Lionel Messi at Barcelona. Thank you for the memories. 💙❤️

Historic! A day that will be etched in the memory of every Indian. Congratulations to our Men’s Hockey Team for bringing home the Bronze. With this feat, they have captured the imagination of the entire nation, especially our youth. India is proud of our Hockey team. 🏑

If you’re curious about Tesla, SpaceX & my general goings on, @WalterIsaacson is writing a biography

Everybody associated with Chelsea Football Club is shocked and saddened to learn of the death of Emilio Ballack at the terribly young age of 18. All our thoughts are with his father Michael and his family at this sad time. 💙

Ravi Kumar Dahiya is a remarkable wrestler! His fighting spirit and tenacity are outstanding. Congratulations to him for winning the Silver Medal at #Tokyo2020. India takes great pride in his accomplishments.

प्रफुल्लित भारत! प्रेरित भारत! गर्वित भारत! टोक्यो में हॉकी टीम की शानदार जीत पूरे देश के लिए गर्व का क्षण है। ये नया भारत है, आत्मविश्वास से भरा भारत है। हॉकी टीम को फिर से ढेरों बधाई और शुभकामनाएं। 🏑 #Tokyo2020

Jack Grealish has signed his contract until June 2026. He’s gonna be announced as new Manchester City player for £100m from Aston Villa. Paperworks signed yesterday evening between the two clubs. 🔵 #MCFC Pep Guardiola has already spoken directly with Jack. Here-we-go confirmed.

Wow!! Indian Men’s Hockey Team Congratulations. Resilience and skill at its peak. What an exciting match.

Liderlik; her koşulda vatanını, toprağını ve milletini sevmektir. Ülkesini akılla, bilimle ve vicdanla yönetmektir. Mustafa Kemal Atatürk milletimizin ebedi başkomutanıdır. Ulu Önderimize bu ünvanın verilişinin yıl dönümünde kendisini rahmet ve minnetle anıyorum.

Mustafa Kemal Atatürk - Twitter trends in worldwide now

🚨 OFFICIAL STATEMENT #Messi “Despite having reached an agreement between Barça and Leo Messi and with the clear intention of both parties to sign a new contract today, it will not be possible to formalize due to economic and structural obstacles (Spanish LaLiga regulations)”.

Barca - Twitter trends in worldwide now

Official and confirmed. Jack Grealish joins Manchester City on a permanent deal from Aston Villa. Number 10 for Jack. 🔵🏴󠁧󠁢󠁥󠁮󠁧󠁿 #MCFC Grealish says: “Man City are the best team in the country with a manager considered to be the best in the world – it’s a dream come true”.

Man City - Twitter trends in worldwide now

I really want to finish this day sending all my love to Wesley Fofana. He’s not just a huge (huge!) but trust me, he’s a fantastic guy. He suffered a bad injury tonight in a friendly and he’s now smiling like this. “Don’t worry”. Power. @Wesley_Fofanaa ❤️👊🏻

Game Day - Twitter trends in worldwide now

Leo Messi. Barcelona were planning for official announcement before Gamper - all agreed since days, then today they had ‘new problems’ in the process to extend the contract 🔴🇦🇷 #Messi Issues are confirmed - Barça and Messi will continue their talks to resolve the situation.

Barcelona president Joan Laporta will run a press conference at to explicate Leo Messi contract situation and what’s happening because of La Liga regulations. 🔴 #FCB #Messi

Congratulations to Indian Men’s Hockey Team! This is a big moment- the whole country is proud of your achievement. Well-deserved victory! #Olympics

Chelsea are now pushing to sign Romelu Lukaku, and to complete the deal as soon as possible. 🔵 #CFC Lukaku’s open to accept personal terms [€12m net] - if Inter and Chelsea will agree on fee/details. New official Chelsea bid coming soon - fee expected to be more than €110m.

- Conforme prometido em entrevista ao Pingos nos Is, segue os documentos que comprovam, segundo o próprio TSE, que o sistema eleitoral brasileiro foi invadido e, portanto, é violável: Inquérito 1468 da Polícia Federal:

✍️✍️✍️ WELCOME LEO🇦🇷 Le @PSG_inside est heureux d’annoncer la signature du contrat professionnel de Lionel MESSI.🔴🔵

Le PSG - Twitter trends in worldwide now

Chak De Fattey ! Burraaah A landmark day for @TheHockeyIndia After being down 3-1, INDIA fights back to win the bronze medal match 5-3, a first Olympic medal in #Hockey after 40 years. Mazaa aa gaya #IndvsGer

#IndvsGer - Twitter trends in worldwide now
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