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Updated: August 8th, 2022 03:42 AM IST
RankTwitter TrendTweet Volume
1.#SIXcredibleYearsWithBLACKPINK 591K+
2.#육년동안_내심장의색은_블랙핑크 549K+
3.Colombia 282K+
4.Brighton 251K+
5.Ronaldo 248K+
6.Manchester United 247K+
7.Petro 236K+
8.Insulin 226K+
9.MakeYourGreenMark with SB19 188K+
10.#MUFC 174K+
11.#CommonwealthGames2022 143K+
12.#MUNBHA 136K+
13.Happy 6th 133K+
14.#CheersForScoupsDay 132K+
15.Duque 129K+
16.Haaland 106K+
17.Password 104K+
18.Barça 104K+
19.McTominay 84K+
20.West Ham 79K+
21.Martinez 78K+
22.Maguire 72K+
23.#빛나는_여름날의_반짝이는_샤오쥔 70K+
25.Rashford 66K+
26.Bolívar 65K+
27.Man U 65K+
28.Sinema 58K+
29.Cavani 50K+
31.Old Trafford 46K+
32.Antalya 42K+
33.Lewandowski 41K+
35.Eriksen 37K+
36.cheol 37K+
37.Sancho 34K+
38.#WhereIsSB19 34K+
39.#영훈아_생일축하해_빵담빵담 34K+
40.Pedri 32K+
41.#WHUMCI 32K+
43.Sporting 28K+
45.Shaw 26K+
46.#ArshadNadeem 25K+
47.McFred 24K+
48.Camp Nou 24K+
49.Reims 23K+
50.#乃木坂工事中 23K+
51.Welbeck 23K+
52.Faze 22K+
53.Dalot 21K+
54.Cyph 20K+
55.Pumas 19K+
56.#ANTvGS 19K+
57.Dembélé 18K+
58.Wesley 18K+
59.Okan 17K+
60.Muslera 17K+
61.Lewy 17K+
62.De Gea 16K+
63.De Bruyne 15K+
64.Cano 15K+
65.Duran 15K+
66.Navarro 15K+
67.Francia Márquez 14K+
68.Arnautovic 14K+
69.#السعوديه_مصر 14K+
70.Fortaleza 14K+
71.ブライトン 13K+
74.#loveislandreunion 13K+
75.Yunus 13K+
76.Cancelo 12K+
77.Varane 12K+
78.Dani Alves 12K+
79.#OMSDR 12K+
80.deGrom 12K+
81.Grealish 11K+
82.Gomis 11K+
83.Arshad Nadeem 11K+
84.Tudor 11K+
85.اليونايتد 11K+
86.Veiga 10K+
87.Caicedo 10K+
88.#INDvsAUS 10K+
89.Shingo <10K
90.راشفورد <10K
91.زياد طارق <10K
92.Strider <10K
93.Garou 2 <10K
94.エスケーエイト <10K
95.Mayke <10K
96.Ed Hickox <10K
97.세계 고양이 <10K
98.#Uyajola99 <10K
99.Paulinho <10K
100.Elias Gomez <10K
101.Barreto <10K
102.第199回 <10K
103.Boey <10K
104.Alex Sandro <10K
105.Esgaio <10K
106.Roy Barreras <10K
107.Braga <10K
108.Rapallini <10K
109.Ten Hag <10K
110.Goiás <10K
111.بروين <10K
112.Malcolm Gladwell <10K
113.María José Pizarro <10K
114.KızlarParaya Bakmıyor <10K
115.Vogelbach <10K
116.かっちゃん <10K
117.Berkan <10K
118.Radha Yadav <10K
119.Christy O <10K
120.Fatal Fury <10K
121.Rodri <10K
122.Seymour <10K
123.Montas <10K
124.ハーランド <10K
125.ليفا <10K
126.Luis Suarez <10K
127.Matheus Nunes <10K
128.Romarinho <10K
129.Emre Akbaba <10K
130.Morata <10K
131.Sergi Roberto <10K
132.Balerdi <10K
133.Graham Potter <10K
134.Payet <10K
135.Pineida <10K
136.Sue Bird <10K
137.Atilla Karaoğlan <10K
138.Gundogan <10K
139.Clauss <10K
140.Atuesta <10K
141.Leandro Lo <10K
142.Pete Rose <10K
143.Nuno Tavares <10K
144.#LAThieves <10K
145.堀越先生 <10K
146.Bruno Fernandes <10K
147.Allegri <10K
148.Ese Brume <10K
149.アニコブ <10K

Worldwide Popular Tweets Today

New Season, New Opportunities 💪🏼 All the best for 2022/23, @ManUtd 👏🏼

Twitter trends Worldwide - New Season by Bastian Schweinsteiger

Leipzig are set to sign Timo Werner from Chelsea, here we go! Been told it will be a permanent deal and NOT loan. Werner will leave Chelsea. 🚨⚪️🔴 #CFC First call @Plettigoal today, now final details being discussed - it’s done, personal terms are agreed since 1 month.

Twitter trends Worldwide - Werner by Fabrizio Romano

Cristiano Ronaldo on the bench for Manchester United opening game, despite he confirmed he was ‘ready’ in the last 24h. 🚨🔴 #MUFC

Twitter trends Worldwide - Ronaldo by Fabrizio Romano

Hi! I love you all dearly but if you see me in public please do not touch or hug me without asking. We are still in the middle of a public health crisis and I am immunocrompromised. I don’t mind hugs but consent and personal boundaries are important so please just ask!

One year on from a moment that has forever blessed me. Thank you for your support, India! 🇮🇳🏅 #Tokyo2020

Twitter trends Worldwide - Neeraj by Neeraj Chopra

Boca Juniors are now getting closer to signing Edinson Cavani. Contract proposal being checked on player side but Boca are pushing to get it done, as they want to anticipate Villarreal. 🚨🟡🔵 #BocaJuniors Deal entering into key stages. Nothing going on with Borussia Dortmund.

Twitter trends Worldwide - Cavani by Fabrizio Romano

Sevilla have reached an agreement to sign Isco on free transfer! Medical on Monday in order to complete the deal as contract has been agreed until June 2024. 🚨⚪️🔴 #Sevilla Isco will join Sevilla thanks to Julen Lopetegui who wanted him since long time.

Twitter trends Worldwide - Isco by Fabrizio Romano

Multiple Republican senators have now complained on Twitter about having to show up to work to delay a bill that will lower prescription drug costs and protect the planet.

Today 43 Republicans voted to keep insulin at $1200/mo instead of $35. Tomorrow every Republican will ask you to be outraged that gas is $5 instead of $3. In the GOP world, $1200 for life saving insulin in fair play but $5 for gas is an outrage. Vote them all out.

Mustafa Kemal’in askeriyiz diye yola çıkıp, Recep Tayyip Erdoğan’ın maymunu oldular! Ne acayip yahu…

クイズ! 今日、信長は本多からプレゼントをもらいます! 何をもらうと思う? プレゼントを渡した本多、ええ顔してたなー笑 おだのぶながせれん #永瀬廉 #新信長公記

Cristiano Ronaldo is not the ‘problem’ at Manchester United. The problem is the rest of the squad aren’t fit to lace his boots in terms of quality, work ethic, commitment & will to win. That’s why he wants out, and who can blame him? @Cristiano

Timo Werner will return to RB Leipzig on a permanent deal from Chelsea, per @FabrizioRomano. The German scored 90 goals in 156 games with the club between 2016-2020 🎯

Twitter trends Worldwide - Werner by B/R Football

rule by a cabal of crooks & their handlers brought to power through US regime change conspiracy. Will our ppl bow down before this conspiracy in fear or, as a nation, face up to the challenge? On 13 Aug at our Haqeeqi Azadi jalsa I will announce our plan to counter this fascism.

Barça president Laporta on Frenkie de Jong: “Frenkie’s our player and we want him to stay at Barcelona, he wants to stay too”. 🚨🇳🇱 #FCB “With him and his teammates, we have a very powerful midfield. He has offers, but we want him to stay”. @ReshadRahman_

Twitter trends Worldwide - Frenkie De Jong by Fabrizio Romano
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