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Twitter trends in worldwide now - #GFVIP, Big Mouth, Boba Fett, gregoraci, Mulan, リュウソウジャー, Woozi, フルフェイスマスク, Eligreg.

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RankingTwitter Trend WorldwideTweets Volume
1.#GFVIP 219779
2.Euphoria 179262
3.McConnell 136490
4.Jordan 125116
5.Marijuana 121745
6.Constituição 117882
7.Selena 108241
8.Pelosi 100968
9.tommy 89744
10.Pentagon 73348
11.Wisconsin 72671
12.Russell 64562
13.#KohLanta 52256
14.oikawa 49889
15.ラストチャンス 48269
16.Fred Hampton 46486
17.Dayane 46415
18.KalptekiAşk KeremBürsin 44602
19.Tubbo 40443
20.Shakira 39481
21.Marcius Melhem 35333
22.ReformunAdı TersKelepçe 31999
23.Sigamos 31445
24.Tommaso 30696
25.キートン山田 28964
26.PicPay 28439
27.Loïc 28132
28.woozi 27915
29.Jay-Z 27642
30.Alexandra 26091
31.Mulan 24793
32.Dani Calabresa 24580
33.Alfonso 24324
34.Momon 23791
35.Solid Snake 23260
36.Oscar Isaac 22697
37.Bill Nye 22321
38.キャメロット 22304
39.#ウルトラマンZ 22261
40.Big Mouth 20812
41.#ShowtimeTuloyAngPasko 20594
42.Vernon 20472
43.はやぶさ2 20152
44.Mank 19670
45.Bottas 19142
46.#ImACelebrity 19015
47.PARABÉNS VICTOR SARRO 18925 kevin 18649
49.Metal Gear Solid 18480
50.GelecekSende BilgiOcakta 18352
51.#我々の奇妙な日常 17494
52.#LaVozGranFinal 16405
53.ちびまる子ちゃん 16106
54.Brice 16038
55.Verzuz 15779
56.Claude 15641
57.#SmackDown 15385
58.Matt Gaetz 15225
59.Athletic 14913
60.金城茉奈 14858
61.DACA 14367
62.Ashanti 13172
63.Keyshia 13038
64.Ghostbur 13023
65.Big E 13020
66.#sformula 12970
67.Boba Fett 12806
68.Rick Santelli 12530
69.#พ่อของฉันเกิดวันที่ 12443
70.キートン山田さん 12092
71.Oppini 12010
72.IPPONグランプリ 11971
73.Louisiana 11797
74.#9KereLeyla 11686
75.Daddy Yankee 10257
76.Big Boss 10049
77.Bayley <10k
78.出撃セリフ <10k
79.Monia <10k
81.#MasterChefMx <10k
82.Dorian <10k
83.twitteerrget açıldı <10k
84.リュウソウジャー <10k
85.トレンド1位 <10k
86.Billy Joe <10k
87.ミストバーン <10k
88.大気圏突入 <10k
89.プライバシー <10k
90.風磨・樹・河合・辰巳 <10k
91.Pierpaolo <10k
92.実況ライブ <10k
93.Erubiel <10k
94.Hadja <10k
95.立ちんぼ <10k
96.Celta <10k
97.チャレンジC <10k
99.Martin Murray <10k
100.関東ローカル <10k
101.lee jihoon <10k
102.Justin Lewis <10k
103.第42回ヨコハマ映画祭 <10k
104.Pupo <10k
105.Anastasia <10k
106.troye <10k
107.主演男優賞 <10k
108.#NOOM <10k
109.#あなたをMSのパイロット化 <10k
110.Johnny Nelson <10k
111.タガノディアマンテ <10k
112.ウルトロイドゼロ <10k
113.스트레스 자가진단 테스트 점수 <10k
114.jay alvarrez <10k
115.Kyrie <10k
116.CALL ME BOZO <10k
117.Beka <10k
118.セレッソ <10k
119.うちわくりゅ <10k
120.Joe Anderson <10k
121.App State <10k
122.#BakeOffItalia <10k
123.#cumartesi <10k
124.Quinn Cook <10k
125.#ガレリアで遊びたい <10k
126.カプセル分離成功 <10k
127.Canelo <10k
128.Marquette <10k
129.Gregoraci <10k
130.フルフェイスマスク <10k
131.ふまじゅり <10k
133.Cajuns <10k
134.ういちゃん <10k
135.アルバート <10k
136.위험한 상태 <10k
137.隣の学校 <10k
138.声優引退 <10k
139.Thanks Biden <10k
140.Bertrand Kamal <10k
141.チャレンジカップ <10k
142.ヒュンケル <10k
143.エニグマ <10k
144.#FreeCodeFridayContest <10k
145.FGOの映画 <10k
146.Garitano <10k
147.過去最多584人の感染確認 <10k
148.#BlueBloods <10k
149.Rijik Kovid Bahayakan Negara <10k
150.Curricé <10k

Worldwide Popular Tweets Now

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez
Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez ()

Canada did $2,000/monthly. The US is the richest nation on earth and a 2nd stimulus check is getting blocked bc GOP want corporate bailouts & austerity in “exchange” for it. Maybe if everyone in the US incorporated as an LLC, Mitch McConnell would actually do something for them.

Donald J. Trump
Donald J. Trump ()

The only thing more RIGGED than the 2020 Presidential Election is the FAKE NEWS SUPPRESSED MEDIA. No matter how big or important the story, if it is even slightly positive for “us”, or negative for “them”, it will not be reported!

Zendaya ()

Proud to say I have the honor of being the face of @MaisonValentino ...such a dream. Can’t wait for what’s to come🖤

zendaya,Twitter trends in worldwide now
Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez
Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez ()

These COVID negotiations should be public. The public should be able to see who is holding stimulus checks hostage & demanding immunity for big corporations exposing workers to COVID. The secrecy protects them. It’s harder to do these things without the closed door.

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez
Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez ()

COVID relief needs to directly help everyday people. People need stimulus checks & UI.

Stephen King
Stephen King ()

As a kid of 5 or 6, I lined up with other little people to get the Polio Vaccine. As a man of 73, I’ll line up for the Covid Vaccine as soon as I’m told it’s time.

Public Citizen
Public Citizen ()

BREAKING: The House just passed a bill to decriminalize marijuana at the federal level. A historic moment.

Marijuana,Twitter trends in worldwide now
Rep. Jim Jordan
Rep. Jim Jordan ()

Over 50 million Americans think this election was stolen. That’s more than one third of the electorate. For that reason alone, we owe it to the country to investigate election integrity.

Donald J. Trump
Donald J. Trump ()

Thank you to Senate President Karen Fann and House Speaker Russell Bowers – and all, for what you are doing in Arizona. A fast check of signatures will easily give us the state. Votes against have been reduced to a very small number!

The US,Twitter trends in worldwide now
Dr. David Samadi, MD
Dr. David Samadi, MD ()

Normally this time of the year there would be a huge surge of flu cases in thousands and 60,000 deaths This year it is all COVID-19.

Bleacher Report
Bleacher Report ()

After losing seven family members, including his mom, to COVID-19, KAT says he’s making “all the moves necessary” to keep the rest of his family alive and safe

#Covid_19,Twitter trends in worldwide now

[영상] Given-Taken - #ENHYPEN (#엔하이픈) @ 뮤직뱅크 ()

Mark R. Levin
Mark R. Levin ()

WOW.  Letter from over 76 members of the PA legislature asking Congress to reject PA’s electors.  The focus is on multiple violations of Article II, Sec. 1, Cl. 2 by the Democrat Governor and Democrat Secretary of State.


[#TXTMESSAGE] ほうたいをはずしました..! MOAのみなさんの おうえんのおかげで はやくなおったみたいです~~ しんぱいをおかけしてすみませんㅜㅜ まだかんちは していないので がんばってリハビリちゅう💛💛 これからは けんこうなすがたで あいましょう🤚🤚 #TXT_TAEHYUN

taehyun,Twitter trends in worldwide now
Formula 1
Formula 1 ()

P1 - GEORGE RUSSELL He posts a to move to the top of the time sheets in first practice 🚀 #SakhirGP 🇧🇭 #F1

#SakhirGP,Twitter trends in worldwide now
Rex Chapman🏇🏼
Rex Chapman🏇🏼 ()

Things escalated quickly on CNBC this morning. This is

João Batista Jr.
João Batista Jr. ()

Quero agradecer aos inúmeros artistas, diretores, roteiristas e advogados que me ajudaram a construir essa matéria. Cada avanço, cada linha de apuração. A reportagem só foi possível pela coragem de vocês todos. Obrigado!

Iamcardib ()

Warning to all you mans out there (including mine) be nice the day of the Ashanti VS Keyshia Verzuz going to be a lot of singing with this face😒😒On you.

ICC ()

🧢 ODI debut in the last game 🧢 T20I debut today Take a bow, T Natarajan 👏 Never give up! Dreams do come true 😀

T20I,Twitter trends in worldwide now
コードギアスプロジェクト ()

12月5日になりました!本日はルルーシュの誕生日。こうやってお祝い出来るのもコードギアスを好きでいていただける全ての皆様のおかげですね。お誕生日おめでとう、ルルーシュ。sun_コウジロウ #geassp

ルルーシュ,Twitter trends in worldwide now
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