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Updated: December 5th, 2021 11:44 AM IST

Top Twitter Trends

S.No.Twitter Trend WorldwideTweet Volume
1.#FortniteFlipped 357K+
2.#MostRequestedASAP 249K+
3.Miles 240K+
4.Cancer 219K+
5.Michigan 187K+
6.Across the Spider-Verse 173K+
8.lana 90K+
9.Morales 90K+
10.The Rock 85K+
11.#Teletón2021 81K+
12.León 72K+
13.Bama 63K+
14.Baylor 58K+
15.Jovic 53K+
16.Chris Cuomo 50K+
18.Odds 49K+
19.Font 48K+
20.Phil 47K+
21.#仮面ライダーリバイス 44K+
22.Lens 41K+
23.Cali 41K+
24.Bulls 33K+
25.Vini 33K+
26.Iowa 31K+
27.Tigres 30K+
28.Kirby 29K+
29.#それスノ 29K+
30.Militao 28K+
31.チャンピオンズカップ 28K+
32.BELLE BackOnASAP 27K+
33.#ゼンカイジャー 26K+
34.Oklahoma State 26K+
35.Dawgs 26K+
36.Notre Dame 26K+
37.Cerro 25K+
38.パート1 25K+
39.Peñarol 24K+
40.#precure 24K+
41.#RollTide 23K+
42.Ramon 22K+
43.Aldo 22K+
44.ワンタイム 21K+
45.#SECChampionship 20K+
46.Bryce Young 19K+
47.normani 19K+
48.Gwen 17K+
49.#GoBlue 16K+
50.#UFCVegas44 16K+
51.チャンピオンズC 16K+
53.#SixTONES_CITY 15K+
54.Cincinnati 15K+
55.Your Best Day 15K+
56.tinashe 15K+
57.Saban 15K+
58.マスカラ 15K+
59.ステイシー 14K+
60.ヒロミさん 13K+
61.Pochettino 13K+
62.Felipe Melo 13K+
63.Haney 12K+
64.Llaneros 12K+
65.Patriot Front 11K+
66.Nick Saban 11K+
67.#VamosColoColo 11K+
68.Heisman 10K+
69.Cincy 10K+
70.Gonzaga 10K+
71.スパイダーバース 10K+
72.SAM NOOK 10K+
73.テーオーケインズ 10K+
74.Guaraní 10K+
75.中身の老けさ <10K
76.Bowers <10K
77.Axe Bahía <10K
78.Brian Ferentz <10K
79.Minshew <10K
80.見た目の幼さ <10K
81.謎の魚引退 <10K
82.Spezza <10K
83.Piojo <10K
84.盆と正月 <10K
85.Petras <10K
86.Montana Love <10K
87.Metchie <10K
88.中身の幼さ <10K
89.Ángel Mena <10K
90.愛子さま成年行事 <10K
91.ラブコフ <10K
92.#SpiderManAcrossTheSpiderVerse <10K
93.Toobin <10K
94.Jim Harbaugh <10K
96.Fredo <10K
97.Bearcats <10K
98.Chris Curtis <10K
99.さんごちゃん <10K
100.Nahuel <10K
101.Miguel Herrera <10K
102.Jameson Williams <10K
103.SEC East <10K
104.Demar <10K
105.Unión Magdalena <10K
106.Blake Corum <10K
107.Hail to the Victors <10K
108.見た目の老けさ <10K
109.JT Daniels <10K
110.カゲロウ <10K
111.Kramer <10K
112.Naughty Boy <10K
113.Gus Johnson <10K
114.Jamahal Hill <10K
115.Keith Peterson <10K
116.ヤラセネーダ <10K
117.2 SEC <10K
118.Gignac <10K
119.Tuca <10K
120.Yarde <10K
121.Kenny Pickett <10K
122.Clay Guida <10K
123.Crute <10K
124.Jailson <10K
125.Riddle <10K
126.Zé Ricardo <10K
127.Chiqui <10K
128.三遊亭円丈さん死去 <10K
129.Marcinho <10K
130.Zaldivia <10K
131.Fast Lane <10K
132.Stetson <10K
133.Donovan Edwards <10K
134.Wake Forest <10K
135.Restrepo <10K
136.Skeete <10K
137.チュウワウィザード <10K
138.Don Lemon <10K
139.Spider-Man 2099 <10K
140.Sam Hartman <10K
141.ハカイザー <10K
142.Martell <10K
143.DeRozan <10K
144.Battaglia <10K
145.Big Ten Champs <10K
146.Fiziev <10K
147.Kool-Aid <10K
148.Servio <10K

Worldwide Popular Tweets Now

Let’s have some fun, I’m going to give away $30,000 to 1 random person who retweets this tweet AND follows @Pulte and me!!! (So we can dm you the money if you win). Will show proof of paying winner ❤️

투바투 최고 모아 최고 사랑합니다💕 #태현 #TAEHYUN

taehyun - Twitter trends in worldwide now

“Mersin mitinginden elimde rakamlar var” demişsin Erdoğan. Allah’ını seversen doğru söyle, TÜİK’ten mi aldın? 😂

We flipped the island. Now it’s time to take down the Imagined Order #FortniteFlipped ~ f

#FortniteFlipped - Twitter trends in worldwide now

I’m really disappointed with how Qualifying ended. Especially knowing the lap I was on. But the car is quick and we will give it everything tomorrow. All to play for 💪 #KeepPushing 🇸🇦 #SaudiArabianGP

#SaudiArabianGP - Twitter trends in worldwide now

WOW! Unreal feeling. Was a scrap but that’s why we always fight to the end 🙌 I’ll take my grandkids to visit the Divock Origi statue one day WHAT A MAN ❤️ #YNWA

Origi - Twitter trends in worldwide now

Flip your world and a new one will be revealed. Use #FortniteFlipped, flip your social profile and posts, and work together to reveal the new Island. Follow along at

#FortniteFlipped - Twitter trends in worldwide now

@RepThomasMassie .@RepThomasMassie, since we are sharing family photos, here are mine. One is the last photo that I ever took of Jaime, the other is where she is buried because of the Parkland school shooting. The Michigan school shooter and his family used to take photos like yours as well.

Michigan - Twitter trends in worldwide now

West Ham have beaten Chelsea, Liverpool, Man City, Man United, Tottenham and Leicester this season. David Moyes 👏

West Ham - Twitter trends in worldwide now

5周年記念配信見てくれてありがとう!✨ 配信中に発表した通り、私キズナアイは 新しい挑戦の準備のために 2022年2月26日に開催するライブ Hello World 2022をもって 無期限スリープ(活動休止)します! 理由やこれからについて 短くまとめたので見てくれたら嬉しいです🎀

One of the most difficult things to achieve in the game. 10 wickets in an innings. A day to remember for the rest of your life, #AjazPatel . Born in Mumbai, creating history in Mumbai. Congratulations on the historic achievement.

#AjazPatel - Twitter trends in worldwide now

Por cierto, viendo los resultados de Barça y Atleti, puedo confirmar que el Madrid aprovechará ambas derrotas esta noche para perder 4-0 ante la Real Sociedad.

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