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RankingTwitter Trend WorldwideTweets Volume
1.Google 769207
2.Mandalay 514787
3.Love U 479438
4.seulgi 282695
5.Twitterくん 277398
7.#EFMFandomxBrightLive 199245
8.#MoveไปไหนMV 167695
9.Run BTS 153283
10.UEFA 134176
11.TZUYU 132074
12.taeyong 131269
13.showcase 130470
14.五輪会場 127232
15.#BamBamXSeulgi_zip 123238
16.#jamren 119438
17.#DebateCHVCNN 103917
18.DO or NOT 102381
19.taekook 102320
20.pH-1 100829
22.酒類の販売 93870
23.No Mercy 4 Sushant Killers 91278
24.Bubblies ForeverWithDONBELLE 84416
25.Sinema 75459
26.#着飾る恋 67690
27.hanbin 66325
28.Beşiktaş 62551
29.Twitterの通知 60492
30.ツイートの方 60306
31.JU HAKNYEON 55970
32.T-Pain 53017
33.Poesia 11 52462
34.#GrabFoodหน่วยลดBNK48 52342
35.Crowder 51583
36.Lavin 49720
37.Maradona 49137
38.Usher 45505
39.#ななもり誕生祭2021 44385
40.Saka 43278
41.濃厚接触者 42771
42.Sancho 41035
43.Bloom Like DOWOON 40664
44.FF9アニメ化 40108
45.#BamBamOnTheShow 39386
46.共同通信 37122
47.なーくん 35162
48.赤木ファイル 32754
49.Nine PLAYFRIDGE 30381
50.ウガンダ選手団 28931
51.Sichel 27971
52.#HappyTakumiDay 24190
53.#星野源ANN 23952
54.#10unYeriBurası 23924
55.Lütfü Türkkan 22851
56.Briones 21771
57.#JO1川西拓実22歳へホームラン 20765
58.アプリ無効 20670
59.SonYazEvreni ÇokÖzlendi 19542
60.感染防止 19495
61.KIM LIP 19190
62.Devlet Bahçeli 18541
63.#CPIdaCovid 18514
64.Twitter不具合 18426
65.Chrome 17549
66.#FreeGotaga 17530
67.静養と発表 17422
68.Poze 17200
69.#SalarioRosa 16899
70.Metallica 16818
71.アズレン 16244
72.#初夏のアズ生2021 16124
73.I LOVE YOU JIN 15660
74.BLシェアハウス 15242
75.Chilwell 15086
76.小池都知事 14453
78.一転見送り 14098
79.東京都の小池知事 13981
80.通知バグ 13742
81.Williamson 13733
82.諏訪之瀬島 13705
83.2seok 13635
84.Cynthia 13624
85.Xamã 12222
86.Suécia 12050
88.アプリ更新 11697
89.#YargıPaketiVuk359suzOlmaz 11341 11310
91.Android勢 11258
92.Bumrah 11162
93.#ふぉゆダム 10968
94.アプリ情報 10790
95.Chris Brown 10765
96.カウントダウン放送 10751
97.ポップアップ 10496
98.北品川駅の張り紙 <10k
99.インパクト・ユー <10k
100.#七五三掛龍也誕生祭 <10k
101.和久井さん <10k
102.#WTC21final <10k
103.#DDLZan <10k
104.tom simons <10k
105.レアレジ <10k
106.小池さん <10k
107.Playストア <10k
108.イデア氏 <10k
109.OhalKomisyonu Hükümsüzdür <10k
110.GrabFood Cherprang <10k
111.#HamzaDağ4BKadroTalimatı <10k
112.ピーターさん <10k
113.クラブマウスビート <10k
114.提供検討 <10k
115.多額の現金 <10k
116.Azzy <10k
117.マウンテン <10k
118.オリックス10連勝 <10k
119.#Regenbogenfarben <10k
120.しめちゃん <10k
121.GrabFood Namneung <10k
122.ABEMA TIMES <10k
123.強制停止 <10k
124.山鳥毛さん <10k
125.Leg Token <10k
126.ツイッターの通知 <10k
127.うさほー <10k
128.遺物緩和 <10k
129.CLIQUE E OUÇA <10k
130.元ユーチューバー <10k
131.ryan sp <10k
132.激ヤバの8会場 <10k
133.アイマスコラボ <10k
134.#انقذو_ام_عبدالرحمن_المطيري <10k
135.殿堂発表 <10k
136.青柳さん <10k
137.週制限撤廃 <10k
138.ザクIII改 <10k
140.멘션 알림 <10k
141.파판14 <10k
142.MCナゲエヨ <10k
143.ヴィランズ <10k
144.Sowon <10k
145.ショーベース <10k
146.塚ちゃん <10k
147.#メンテの日なのでssを貼る <10k
148.照史くん <10k
149.Saliba <10k
150.左京さん <10k

Worldwide Popular Tweets Now

queen quen
Queen quen ()

i left my humidifier on all day and now my cat looks raggedy asf

My Twitter,Twitter trends in worldwide now
Alexis Benveniste
Alexis Benveniste ()

Avril Lavigne is on TikTok now and her first video is this perfect collab with Tony Hawk

Bleacher Report
Bleacher Report ()

Las Vegas Raiders DE Carl Nassib comes out as gay He also announced a $100K donation to the Trevor Project, a suicide prevention organization for LGBTQ youth.

Gary Lineker 💙
Gary Lineker 💙 ()

Lot of rubbish about whether @England i better off losing for easier last 16 game. You play to win every game. Winning gives confidence. If you’re scared of playing France/Germany you’ve got no chance of winning the tournament anyway. Let’s stop being so bloody cautious. Attack!

鬼龍院翔(ゴールデンボンバー) ()

承知致しました🎤 【鬼龍院】パーティーを止めないで/鬼龍院翔が歌ってみた【ヒプマイ/伊弉冉 一二三】 #伊弉冉一二三生誕祭2021

Felipe Neto
Felipe Neto ()

Gil e Juliette vieram pra provar de uma vez por todas q quem tem medo de dar opinião sobre o genocida nesse momento é COVARDE e CONIVENTE. Parabéns aos dois! Sejam bem-vindos.

Ibai ()

Reven está enamorado de la selección francesa de fútbol y me suelta “quiero ser francés” Tiene las maletas fuera de casa y no volverá a stremear desde aquí. A veces las amistades tóxicas hay que romperlas antes de que nos hagan más daño Dejemos de permitir estos comportamientos

Ibai ()

El Kun titular con Argentina. Voy a narrar al Kun con Argentina. Se cierra y se completa el círculo. Me hace mucha ilusión estoy como un niño pequeño.

WeRateDogs® ()

This is Fozzie. He told you to have a good day this morning. Gonna be real pupset if you didn’t. 12/10

A. 10,Twitter trends in worldwide now
Louis Tomlinson
Louis Tomlinson ()

@themichaelowen @England But surely confidence and momentum is the most important thing?


#FreePaulo !!! Mi gente se prende con esto? Me siento muy identificada con el… viví algo parecido …menos grave quizás … pero se lo que se siente y en ese momento el apoyo de la gente y algunos colegas me hizo muy bien!!!

SportsCenter ()

“I just wanted to take a quick moment to say that I’m gay. I’ve been meaning to do this for a while now but I finally feel comfortable getting it off my chest.” Raiders DL Carl Nassib shared this video to social media and became the first active NFL player to announce he is gay.

CYJ (Ars)
CYJ (Ars) ()

그래 뱀아.. 앞으로 조용해볼게....... 미안해... 카톡 알람 꺼놔....🥺 BamBam1A

Fabrizio Romano
Fabrizio Romano ()

Watford signs the Nigerian striker Emmanuel Dennis from Club Brugge. Done deal, official statement confirms. 🟡⚫️ #WatfordFC #Brugge

Adam Schefter
Adam Schefter ()

Raiders DL Carl Nassib became the first active NFL player to announce he is gay. “What’s up people,” Nassib posted on IG. “I just wanted to take a quick moment to say that I’m gay. I’ve been meaning to do this for a while now but finally feel comfortable getting it off my chest.”

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez
Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez ()

“It’s almost impossible to find workers,” say at-will employers refusing to offer living wages, sick/hazard pay, parental leave, or reliable schedules while rents, childcare costs, & student debt reach record highs. “We tried offering free coupons. What else can we possibly do?”

JJ Watt
JJ Watt ()

Good for you Carl. Glad you feel comfortable enough to share and hopefully someday these types of announcements will no longer be considered breaking news.


TWICE JAPAN 3rd ALBUM『Perfect World』 Release #TWICE #PerfectWorld

Japan,Twitter trends in worldwide now
Gary Lineker 💙
Gary Lineker 💙 ()

This 4 3rd placed teams idea just takes all jeopardy and excitement out of the group stage. Really needs a rethink from @UEFA.

Ömer Zülfü Livaneli
Ömer Zülfü Livaneli ()

Titanik batarken espri yarışı yapılmaz. Bir ülke, bir şehir, bir deniz yitirilirken şakalar, bilinci körleştirmekten başka bir sonuç doğurmuyor.

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