Worldwide Twitter Trending Topics And Hashtag

Updated: September 17th, 2021 03:45 PM IST
S.No.Twitter Trend WorldwideTweet Volume
1.#NCT127_Sticker 1M+ tweets
2.#NCT127Sticker_Accessed 545K+ tweets
3.jaehyun 434K+ tweets
4.محمد 431K+ tweets
5.haechan 329K+ tweets
6.johnny 277K+ tweets
7.yuta 275K+ tweets
8.doyoung 260K+ tweets
9.taeyong 249K+ tweets
10.#राष्ट्रीय_बेरोजगार_दिवस 217K+ tweets
11.taeil 196K+ tweets
12.JUNGWOO 193K+ tweets
13.Alberto 178K+ tweets
14.النصر 176K+ tweets
15.Cristina 162K+ tweets
16.American Twitter 150K+ tweets
17.Lemonade 120K+ tweets
18.#LALISA1stWin 115K+ tweets
19.chenle 107K+ tweets
20.#HappyBdayModiji 106K+ tweets
21.Lil Nas X 101K+ tweets
22.Washington 91K+ tweets
23.Newsmax 81K+ tweets
24.#BB23 79K+ tweets
25.Promise You 79K+ tweets
26.#SecretGala1 78K+ tweets
27.Giants 75K+ tweets
28.MONTERO 72K+ tweets
29.LOVELY JUBBLY 66K+ tweets
30.Virgínia 62K+ tweets
31.Vallejos 61K+ tweets
32.台風の影響 50K+ tweets
33.#BEFIRST 49K+ tweets
34.Hannah 46K+ tweets
35.Nenê 45K+ tweets
36.O Rico 45K+ tweets
37.#กลัฟอาซาร์พาชิมวิฟ 44K+ tweets
38.東京リベンジャーズ 44K+ tweets
39.Hayırlı Cumalar 43K+ tweets
40.Tiffany 42K+ tweets
41.FRIendshipDAY DONBELLE 40K+ tweets
42.Terry 40K+ tweets
43.ポストカード 39K+ tweets
44.Kisses JourneyToTheCrown 37K+ tweets
45.朝日新聞 36K+ tweets
46.Congratulations LISA 36K+ tweets
47.#GençlerErdoğanıistiyor 33K+ tweets
48.LISA FIRST WIN 33K+ tweets
49.الوحدة 32K+ tweets
50.Cruzeiro 32K+ tweets
51.Rayados 32K+ tweets
52.Medrado 32K+ tweets
53.Cano 29K+ tweets
54.リーナ・ベル 29K+ tweets
55.#BauDaFazenda 29K+ tweets
56.Adil 27K+ tweets
57.Montana 27K+ tweets
58.#Brooklyn99 26K+ tweets
59.Rossi 25K+ tweets
60.Queiroga 24K+ tweets
61.Tiago 24K+ tweets
62.Xavier 22K+ tweets
63.Otis 22K+ tweets
64.Do You Care About Me 22K+ tweets
65.Gifted 22K+ tweets
66.Big D 21K+ tweets
67.#スッキリ 21K+ tweets
68.Azah 21K+ tweets
69.O Vasco 20K+ tweets
70.Pelkas 20K+ tweets
71.#WashingtonFootball 20K+ tweets
72.Am I Dreaming 19K+ tweets
73.#PAKvNZ 18K+ tweets
74.ダッフィー 18K+ tweets
75.デビュー日 17K+ tweets
76.Sir Clive Sinclair 17K+ tweets
77.Anele 17K+ tweets
78.#nochedeconfesiones 16K+ tweets
79.Datafolha 16K+ tweets
80.Tati 16K+ tweets
81.Leto 16K+ tweets
82.初心LOVE 15K+ tweets
83.イラストカード 15K+ tweets
84.Taylor Heinicke 14K+ tweets
85.虎者 NINJAPAN 2021 14K+ tweets
86.千本桜10周年 14K+ tweets
87.The Rainy Night 14K+ tweets
88.シトロン 14K+ tweets
89.クレジッタ 13K+ tweets
90.14 DAYS BEFORE THE FEELS 13K+ tweets
91.#DrMilagro 13K+ tweets
92.TARDE YATRA 13K+ tweets
93.THATS WHAT I WANT 12K+ tweets
94.Daniel Jones 12K+ tweets
95.Brock 12K+ tweets
96.Gibson 12K+ tweets
97.Saquon 11K+ tweets
98.#VoleiNoSporTV 11K+ tweets
99.Diniz 11K+ tweets
100.prexecao 11K+ tweets
101.BRING THE NOIZE 11K+ tweets
102.Hopkins 10K+ tweets
103.Monterrey 10K+ tweets
104.志希ちゃん 10K+ tweets
105.Orioles 10K+ tweets
106.Solange 10K+ tweets
107.全仮面ライダー大投票 10K+ tweets
108.2WILIGHT ZONE WITH TBZ 10K+ tweets
109.BIG BANG BOY 10K+ tweets
110.Katt <10K tweets
111.使用済みおむつ <10K tweets
112.Jason Garrett <10K tweets
113.ベストジーニスト <10K tweets
114.Hard Knocks <10K tweets
115.lango <10K tweets
116.KLHK Stop Penambangan Liar <10K tweets
117.日本リベンジャーズ <10K tweets
118.あと半日 <10K tweets
119.Gabriel Pec <10K tweets
120.Sun Goes Down <10K tweets
121.チャットワーク <10K tweets
122.中谷美紀さん <10K tweets
123.Juliano <10K tweets
124.リナベル <10K tweets
125.最高5等 <10K tweets
126.IU BEST GIRL <10K tweets
127.Carlinhos Maia <10K tweets
128.Figueiredo <10K tweets
129.LOST IN THE CITADEL <10K tweets
130.#NYGvsWAS <10K tweets
131.アイアンジョー <10K tweets
132.Morato <10K tweets
133.バッチ処理 <10K tweets
134.SSR確定 <10K tweets
135.McKissic <10K tweets
136.#クロフネ <10K tweets
137.Biondi <10K tweets
138.Life After Salem <10K tweets
139.単独ライブ <10K tweets
140.조폭마누라 <10K tweets
141.高村さん <10K tweets
142.デビュー日決定 <10K tweets
143.戦国鍋TV <10K tweets
144.スケモン <10K tweets
145.Redskins <10K tweets
146.エージェントWEST <10K tweets
147.Vanderlei <10K tweets
148.Industry Baby <10K tweets
149.Joe Buck <10K tweets
150.NHK党・立花氏 <10K tweets
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Thank you for the incredible response to My Universe. The limited edition CD single has now sold out. If you’d like to pre-order or pre-save the track, please click #ColdplayXBTS @BTS_twt @bts_bighit 🐳💜🐙


Wishing my friend @JustinTrudeau the best in Canada’s upcoming election. Justin has been an effective leader and strong voice for democratic values, and I’m proud of the work we did together.

Warm birthday greetings to our honourable PM @narendramodi ji. May you be blessed with good health and happiness.

W e a r e F e n e r b a h ç e 💪 #UEL

#Fenerbahce - Twitter trends in worldwide now

will be joined by Mark and Johnny of @NCTsmtown_127 on @applemusic 1 at 4 PM PST for an announcement leading up to their  3rd album ‘Sticker’ 👏 Listen:

#MARK - Twitter trends in worldwide now

【🌸】本日9月17日で「千本桜」投稿10周年 2011年のこの日、黒うさPがニコニコ動画にて公開。投稿直後から再生回数を伸ばし、現在は1500万再生を超えている。カラオケでは3年連続で人気楽曲にランクインするなど、ボカロジャンルを代表する一曲となった。

千本桜10周年 - Twitter trends in worldwide now

Thanks @imVKohli for your contribution as the #TeamIndia captain. As a young talent the focus and determination you have showed as the captain is unmatched. The most impressive aspect was the way of maintaining balance between captaincy and individual performance.

¡Siempre orgulloso de nuestra gran nación! ¡Viva México! 🇲🇽 #independenceday

Viva México - Twitter trends in worldwide now

25,2 yaş ortalaması 📊 UEFA Şampiyonlar Ligi ve UEFA Avrupa Ligi gruplarının en genç takımları GALATASARAY! 🧿🦁

UEFA Avrupa Ligi - Twitter trends in worldwide now

Congratulations to all Party colleagues who have taken oath as Ministers in the Gujarat Government. These are outstanding Karyakartas who have devoted their lives to public service and spreading our Party’s development agenda. Best wishes for a fruitful tenure ahead.

My Republican friends are attacking my plan — saying it’s “big spending.” I have to laugh when I hear that one. These are the same folks who passed the Trump tax cuts, almost $2 trillion, a giant giveaway to corporations and the top 1% — and almost none of it was paid for.

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