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Twitter trends in worldwide now - #快感前夜祭, #大野智にリクエスト, #FelizJueves, 제2외국어, 제2외국어, #열여덟살_도영아_생일축하해, ahamo, 謝罪会見, 聴取要請.

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RankingTwitter Trend WorldwideTweets Volume
1.THE SHOW 669271
2.#Abyss 485676
3.seokjin 361768
4.THE ALBUM 356593
5.#OurTreasureBunnyDoyoung 242024
6.#열여덟살_도영아_생일축하해 226390
7.#28YearsOfBelovedVIJAY 203645
8.From Home 169785
9.Impact 155291
10.Aku Mau 120593
11.John Wall 110002
12.Houston 105418
13.Westbrook 101519
15.#12월에찾아온봄_석진아_생일축하해 85919
16.#सब_पर_भारी_कंगना 85107
17.Biel 83226
18.#MaplestoryForJin 80885
19.#GMMTV2021 72133
21.Sting 66304
22.#AEWDynamite 64458
23.#ProvaDoFazendeiro 63352
25.León 63320
26.#कंगना_चुपचाप_माफी_माँग 62790
27.#இப்போ_இல்லேன்னா_எப்பவும்_இல்ல 56933
29.Punjabi 51007
30.OffGun 50791
31.Wizards 50151
32.Corinthians 49532
33.Rockets 49056
34.Eテレ売却 49007
35.渡部の会見 41641
36.#PitMad 40538
37.#AquariumManT1 40489
38.Cruzeiro 40203
39.BE ON TOP 39898
40.#素のまんま 39334
41.Russ 38949
42.#존재로도빛나는_석진아_생일축하해 38879
43.Harden 38438
44.Kangana 38077
45.#우리의달_석진아_생일축하해 36930
46.석진아 생일 35989
47.Tevez 34674
48.Día Internacional 31377
49.#NOTME 31059
50.3rd of December 29376
52.#AskENHYPEN 28348
53.Beal 26532
54.菅首相ブレーンのNHK改革案 26424
55.BUMZU 24769
56.ガソリン車 24677
57.heather 24622
58.安倍前首相 24081
59.#3AralıkDünyaEngellilerGünü 23243
61.Big Bang Sweet 21963
62.수험생분들 21825
63.#ルパンの娘 21594
64.Boogie 20234
65.#DiljitDosanjh 20009
66.渡部さん 19847
67.リカちゃん 19471
68.#الهلال_الفتح 18568
69.Personas con Discapacidad 18457
70.bakugou 17878
71.OhmNon 17161
72.docomo 16310
73.Nanon 16175
74.マネーポストWEB 16138
75.#asıolmayacağım 15443
76.#النصر_ابها_دوري_المحترفين 15072
77.謝罪会見 15060
78.Joss 14815
79.Hidroituango 14762
80.ahamo 14563
81.ジンくん 14253
82.渡部の記者会見 14183
83.Themba 14091
84.#CallioP3 14061
85.#快感インストール 14020
86.#FelizJueves 13908
87.クリスタ 13645
88.フラジール 13225
89.多目的トイレ 12904
90.Kacchan 12620
91.Cota 12187
92.#櫻井翔にリクエスト 11870
93.Persona 3 11772
94.Traja 11391
95.#ゆるホロAmongUs 11066
96.#大野智にリクエスト 10988
97.Cardona 10980
98.Eテレのため 10956
100.聴取要請 10252
101.LA PREVIA DE T3 10194
102.فيتوريا 10002
103.遊戯王OCG解説 <10k
104.ベリハ2倍 <10k
105.ケンミンショー <10k
106.ドラメシヤ50体増量セット <10k
107.#庭ラジ <10k
108.Özelgereksinim İçinvarız <10k
109.#FF14での貴方の本性 <10k
110.Chet Hanks <10k
111.FAZZ <10k
112.방탄 노래제목 <10k
113.グレーテルのかまど <10k
114.西洋骨董洋菓子店 <10k
115.金沢おでん <10k
116.BelleMariano LIVEonHotspot <10k
117.#ひぐらしのなく頃に業 <10k
118.ポプマス <10k
119.MAMA GOGO <10k
120.Baylor <10k
121.サブブランド <10k
122.#アベマでポルノグラフィティ <10k
123.医療非常事態宣言 <10k
124.Lee Thanat <10k
125.#香風智乃生誕祭2020 <10k
126.大樹くん <10k
127.ワンナイト人狼 <10k
128.Ground Zero <10k
129.Om Shanti <10k
130.Lの呼吸 <10k
131.若者向け <10k
132.ウェルドール <10k
133.万博記念公園 <10k
134.アイカツ8 2020大投票 <10k
135.Antuna <10k
136.#deprem <10k
137.#DiaDelMedico <10k
138.大人の嗜み <10k
139.HONDA優勝 <10k
140.#siirt <10k
141.秘密基地 <10k
142.Tony Hart <10k
143.Gudiño <10k
144.新料金プラン <10k
145.Diego Alves <10k
146.フォトショのブラシ <10k
147.ガキの使い <10k
148.かけ放題 <10k
149.#科捜研の女 <10k
150.수능 보신 <10k

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BTS_official ()

Thank you ARMY and @Spotify for the amazing 2020! #2020ArtistWrapped

ARMY,Twitter trends in worldwide now
Donald J. Trump
Donald J. Trump ()

Statement by Donald J. Trump, The President of the United States Full Video: 

Donald J. Trump
Donald J. Trump ()

In Arizona, it turns out that 3% of the votes cast in the 100 count vote sampling were tainted or worse. This would be, if carried forward, approximately 90,000 votes more than we would need to win the State. Now we were granted a much larger sample to work with. Wow!

BigHit Entertainment
BigHit Entertainment ()

[기사] #BTS Helps The World Feel A Little Smaller — & We Need It More Than Ever

Cristiano Ronaldo
Cristiano Ronaldo ()

𝟕𝟓𝟎 goals, 𝟕𝟓𝟎 happy moments, 𝟕𝟓𝟎 smiles in the faces of our supporters. Thank you to all the players and coaches that helped me reach this amazing number, thank you to all my loyal opponents that made me work harder and harder everyday.

Cristiano,Twitter trends in worldwide now
Adrian Wojnarowski
Adrian Wojnarowski ()

Houston has agreed to trade Russell Westbrook to Washington for John Wall and a first-round pick, sources tell ESPN.

Joe Biden
Joe Biden ()

Congratulations to the newest United States Senator @SenMarkKelly. I know he’ll serve the people of Arizona well, and I look forward to working together to build this country back better.

Sam Stryker
Sam Stryker ()

Seeing Mike Pence have to swear in a Democrat senator while a bisexual woman in a purple wig and zebra print coat holds the Bible is EXTREMELY pleasing to me

Mike,Twitter trends in worldwide now
Ibai ()

Neymar quiere jugar con Messi el año que viene Yo he jugado con Neymar Si Messi acaba jugando con Neymar, puedo invitar a Neymar y quizá venga Messi Ese será el día en el que se rompa el planeta y yo me retire al pueblo a plantar tomates Me guardo el tuit por si acaso

Joe Biden
Joe Biden ()

From the most unequal economic and jobs crisis in modern history, we can build a new American economy that works for everyone. But we need to act now — and we have to work together.

Tommy Siegel
Tommy Siegel ()

ok so i got some constructive criticism from my first attempt at drawing birds. many people said the legs weren’t realistic enough, i think i finally got it though, lemme know what you think

Lemme,Twitter trends in worldwide now
松本人志 ()

あえて会見の前に。。。 オレと渡部の共演は当分無いと思うよ〜。


‘THE SHOW’ GUIDE VIDEO Attention BLINKs📣 Please check out this Guide video” before you join YouTube channel membership to access 2020 #BLACKPINK: THE SHOW! Buy Access @ More info @

Neymar Jr
Neymar Jr ()

Grande vitória hoje. Muito feliz pelo empenho de toda equipe!! Vamos continuar e alcançar nosso melhor nível. ALLEZ PARIS 💙❤️

Paris,Twitter trends in worldwide now
Rex Chapman🏇🏼
Rex Chapman🏇🏼 ()

“It’s important we never forget who the deniers were” — as it took the folks at Fox & Friends 10 months and 270,000 dead Americans to realize that masks work in combating Coronavirus. Brian Williams for the

Rajinikanth ()

ஜனவரியில் கட்சித் துவக்கம், டிசம்பர் 31ல் தேதி அறிவிப்பு. #மாத்துவோம்_எல்லாத்தையும்_மாத்துவோம் #இப்போ_இல்லேன்னா_எப்பவும்_இல்ல 🤘🏻

#இப்போ_இல்லேன்னா_எப்பவும்_இல்ல,Twitter trends in worldwide now
Bleacher Report
Bleacher Report ()

LiAngelo Ball is signing a one-year, non-guaranteed deal with the Pistons, per @ShamsCharania

Pistons,Twitter trends in worldwide now
Rob Perez
Rob Perez ()

how i imagine this Westbrook/Wall trade went down: Wizards: “good luck.” Rockets: “you too.”

Weverse ()

<2021 NEW YEARS EVE LIVE - Presented by Weverse> Online Live Streaming Ticket Information Get more information about the new special artists, ticket purchase benefits, and more!! More info 👉 #2021NYEL #WEVE_CONNECTED

#WEVE_CONNECTED,Twitter trends in worldwide now
Shams Charania
Shams Charania ()

LiAngelo Ball is signing a one-year, non-guaranteed contract with the Detroit Pistons, sources tell @TheAthleticNBA @Stadium.

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