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Twitter trends in worldwide now - Aaron Donald, Brady, Nicole Kidman, Derrick Henry, #KAI_1stSOLO, Titanic, MY YOUTH IS TXT, #NapoliRoma, #おちょやん.

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RankingTwitter Trend WorldwideTweets Volume
1.Grosjean 302971
2.#KaiHotDebutDay 293755
3.Patriots 274671
4.Fenerbahçe 274210
5.#KAI_MmmhOutNow 245786
6.Romain 240150
7.#카이_음_뮤비공개 216731
8.inkigayo 208485
9.Cavani 182645
10.#카이에게_직진러브ing_도착임박 179961
11.jennie 145208
12.Broncos 142558
13.#ICANTSTOPMEEnglishVer 138564
14.Boulos 133986
15.jongin 118994
16.Arsenal 118807
17.#TWICE_StephenColbert 114479
18.HORA DA RAISSA 106231
19.Grace 98103
20.#FBvBJK 88332
21.jype 88218
22.Bills 86292
23.Chiefs 84692
24.Zhongli 79522
25.O PT 72350
26.up10tion 72253
27.Saints 72169
29.Mitch 59104
30.Mono 58958
32.Erol 54672
33.Brady 53825
34.Porto Alegre 53741
35.KYUNGSOO 53156
36.Covas 52567
37.Raiders 50635
38.Giants 50439
39.Wolves 49527
40.Bitto 49299
41.Titanic 48390
42.Xiumin 46294
43.Melo 45544
44.#KAI_1stSOLO 42478
45.MINSEOK 41817
46.Manu 39472
47.Paes 39439
48.Crivella 38858
49.Jets 36361
50.MV OUT NOW 36148
51.Jimenez 35781
52.Marília 35650
53.Monica 35183
54.Recife 34045
55.Rams 33264
56.Bears 33038
57.Packers 32491
58.49ers 31977
59.#besiktas 30365
60.Baker 29930
61.My Best Friend 29820
62.Belém 29458
63.#ARSWOL 28850
64.Yoda 28787
65.Colts 28545
66.Panthers 28207
67.60 Minutes 28006
68.#Eleicoes2020 27816
69.#GuruNanakJayanti 26328
70.PSOL 26046
71.Tammy 25885
72.Marengo 25834
73.baek 23537
74.Vikings 23481
75.My Sign 23440
76.PSDB 22453
77.Chargers 22222
78.Arteta 21504
79.#SoulTrainAwards 21472
80.#EpiphanyOfJin 20029
81.Giroud 19944
82.YES WAY 19934
83.Bucs 19733
84.mark tuan 19041
85.#RaissaNoFaro 18973
86.Falcons 16965
87.#RHOP 16931
88.Trubisky 16905
89.João Campos 16829
90.Edmilson 16477
91.Tigres 16465
92.WE GOT YOU GOT7 16258
93.Derrick Henry 16193
94.#masterchefturkiye 15588
96.#LaCasaFuerte11 15463
97.Cruz Azul 15266
98.Rand Paul 15029
99.Bengals 14885
100.Contagem 14851
101.Taysom 14406
102.David Luiz 14209
103.Cardinals 14122
104.Sarto 14026
105.Carr 13625
106.Richmond 13560
107.Mahomes 13536
108.Willian 13305
109.São Gonçalo 13256
110.#Browns 13202
111.アキノさん 12962
112.#GoPackGo 12809
113.#TheUndoing 12743
115.Neera Tanden 12648
116.Rodgers 12575
117.Emery 12468
118.कार्तिक पूर्णिमा 12167
119.Dalma 12024
120.#NapoliRoma 12022
121.Cardona 11621
122.歴代2位 11346
123.Xhaka 10596
124.Romo 10238
125.大型連休 <10k
126.人の両脚 <10k
127.True Kitchen <10k
128.Nacho Sureda <10k
129.Jeremy Chinn <10k
130.부산 3단계 <10k
132.Sumit <10k
133.#pazartesi <10k
134.Aaron Jones <10k
135.Carlos Name <10k
136.Green Bay <10k
137.Bellerin <10k
138.Happy Gurpurab <10k
139.TvitırrGet Açıldı <10k
140.Shanice <10k
141.Nicole Kidman <10k
142.Talleres <10k
143.Josh Allen <10k
144.ヴァジラ <10k
145.千と千尋 <10k
146.Mullens <10k
147.Iliana <10k
148.Tyreek Hill <10k
149.Lazard <10k
150.Willock <10k

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어이쿠..? 실수ㅎㅎ #ENHYPEN #JAY

Enhypen,Twitter trends in worldwide now
Mark Hamill
Mark Hamill ()

So sad to hear David Prowse has passed. He was a kind man & much more than Darth Vader. Actor-Husband-Father-Member of the Order of the British Empire-3 time British Weightlifting Champion & Safety Icon the Green Cross Code Man. He loved his fans as much as they loved him. #RIP

Empire,Twitter trends in worldwide now
Donald J. Trump
Donald J. Trump ()

We have some big things happening in our various litigations on the Election Hoax. Everybody knows it was Rigged. They know Biden didn’t get more votes from the Black community than Obama, & certainly didn’t get 80,000,000 votes. Look what happened in Detroit, Philadelphia, plus!

Haas F1 Team
Haas F1 Team ()

An update from Romain himself. Pleased to see you’re in good spirits! We hope you make a speedy recovery 🙏

Dean Henderson
Dean Henderson ()

Premier League debut for @ManUtd 😀 the United way!!! ❤️🥳 Well done team!! Great 3 points!!! 🔜🔛🔝

League,Twitter trends in worldwide now
Donald J. Trump
Donald J. Trump ()

.@60Minutes never asked us for a comment about their ridiculous, one sided story on election security, which is an international joke. Our 2020 Election, from poorly rated Dominion to a Country FLOODED with unaccounted for Mail-In ballots, was probably our least secure EVER!

billboard charts
Billboard charts ()

.@BTS_twt’s ‘BE’ officially debuts at No. 1 on this week’s #Billboard200 chart. It earns the group it’s fifth career No. 1 album.

Haas F1 Team
Haas F1 Team ()

UPDATE: Romain has some minor burns on his hands and ankles but otherwise he is ok. He is with the doctors just now. #HaasF1 #BahrainGP

Mark Tuan
Mark Tuan ()


#MarkTuan,Twitter trends in worldwide now
Manuela 65
Manuela 65 ()

Agradeço a todo o apoio que recebi nessa caminhada, a quem votou em mim e a cada olhar de ternura que recebi. Enfrentamos muita baixaria e notícias falsas. Mas a democracia é soberana. Desejo sorte ao Sebastião Melo e seguiremos na luta, ao lado de quem quer uma cidade mais justa

Weverse ()

#BTS <BREAK THE SILENCE: THE MOVIE COMMENTARY PACKAGE> Official Trailer (Movie ver.) Pre-order Info 📆Until 16 Dec, 8:59 PM (KST) 🎁Emblem & special BTS video included 💡Only on Weverse Shop 👉

Donald J. Trump
Donald J. Trump ()

“Democrats suffered crushing down-ballot loss across America.” @nytimes. This is true. All statehouses won, and in Washington we did great. So I led this great charge, and I’m the only one that lost? No, it doesn’t work that way. This was a massive fraud, a RIGGED ELECTION!

Kamala Harris
Kamala Harris ()

.@JoeBiden and I knew we would inherit a series of unprecedented challenges upon walking into the White House. Addressing these challenges starts with getting this pandemic under control, opening our economy responsibly, and making sure it works for working people.

Haas F1 Team
Haas F1 Team ()

That was scary. 📻 We’ve heard over the radio that Romain is out of the car and ok. #HaasF1 #BahrainGP


Limited Edition TPWK socks available today for 24 hours only. Limit 1 of each color per customer. Free domestic ground shipping on orders over $75: At checkout, for every individual donation made to @chooselove, the store will also make a donation.

SOCKS,Twitter trends in worldwide now
Denver Broncos
Denver Broncos ()

There was a game today.   The final score is what it is.   Undrafted rookie WIDE RECEIVER @Kendall_Hinton2 came off the practice squad, had zero practice reps and competed in his first NFL game as the Broncos’ QUARTERBACK—an unprecedented situation.   He deserves all the respect.

Broncos,Twitter trends in worldwide now
Maggie Haberman
Maggie Haberman ()

The president credits himself with vaccine development. Moderna timeline shows it began working on a vaccine while the president was still denying the virus was spreading in the US.

Senator Rand Paul
Senator Rand Paul ()

Interesting . . . Trump margin of “defeat” in 4 states occurred in 4 data dumps between 1:34-6:31 AM. Statistical anomaly? Fraud? Look at the evidence and decide for yourself.(That is, if Big Tech allows u to read this) Anomalies in Vote Counts;

Fabrizio Romano
Fabrizio Romano ()

Not bad for a guy who was free agent until 54 days @ECavaniOfficial 👀🔴 #mufc

Paiva ()

imagina ter a opção de votar no boulos e escolher o covas kkkkkkkkkj ai ai são paulo

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