Worldwide Twitter Trending Topics And Hashtag

Updated: October 17th, 2021 04:44 AM IST
S.No.Twitter Trend WorldwideTweet Volume
1.النصر 472K+ tweets
2.Allay 327K+ tweets
3.#AOTM_HwangHyunjin 230K+ tweets
4.Copper Golem 195K+ tweets
5.Glare 190K+ tweets
6.الهلال 181K+ tweets
7.Nenê 172K+ tweets
8.#TheBatman 154K+ tweets
9.Batman 136K+ tweets
10.Mendy 128K+ tweets
11.#DCFanDome 115K+ tweets
12.Ronaldo 109K+ tweets
13.#消えた初恋 108K+ tweets
14.#النصر_الوحده 102K+ tweets
15.Florida 102K+ tweets
16.Astros 97K+ tweets
17.Chelsea 96K+ tweets
18.Matic 87K+ tweets
19.Premier League 82K+ tweets
20.#SixTONESANN 79K+ tweets
21.Liverpool 72K+ tweets
22.Mane 67K+ tweets
23.#nhkらじらー 66K+ tweets
24.Alex Saab 65K+ tweets
25.#الهلال_بيروزي 64K+ tweets
26.Bobby 63K+ tweets
27.Villa 60K+ tweets
28.#MEZZO生放送 60K+ tweets
29.tommy 58K+ tweets
30.#みんなでCYaRon2nd_Day1 56K+ tweets
31.D-8 FAVORITE 53K+ tweets
32.#MUFC 52K+ tweets
33.#MinecraftLive 50K+ tweets
34.#BRECHE 50K+ tweets
35.Cabo Verde 47K+ tweets
36.Greenwood 47K+ tweets
37.#WATLIV 46K+ tweets
38.Watford 46K+ tweets
39.#LEIMUN 45K+ tweets
40.#あざとくて何が悪いの 44K+ tweets
41.Iowa 42K+ tweets
42.PepsiMukbang WithSB19 42K+ tweets
43.Brentford 42K+ tweets
44.Leicester 41K+ tweets
45.#BlackAdam 41K+ tweets
46.#TheFlash 39K+ tweets
47.Manchester United 37K+ tweets
50.Mo Salah 35K+ tweets
51.Ginting 35K+ tweets
52.#OleOut 35K+ tweets
53.سالم 34K+ tweets
54.#二月の勝者 34K+ tweets
55.#Calamidade 33K+ tweets
56.صلاح 32K+ tweets
57.Reds 31K+ tweets
58.Wolves 30K+ tweets
59.Black Adam 29K+ tweets
60.Man U 29K+ tweets
61.Pogba 28K+ tweets
62.JUNGKOOK SWY 500 DAYS 27K+ tweets
63.Robert Pattinson 27K+ tweets
64.Aria 26K+ tweets
65.Ranboo 26K+ tweets
66.Selina 25K+ tweets
67.O Vasco 25K+ tweets
68.Sadio 25K+ tweets
69.#PBBKumunityParty 25K+ tweets
70.#MissSA2021 25K+ tweets
71.Antonsen 24K+ tweets
72.Lukaku 24K+ tweets
73.Conte 23K+ tweets
74.#HometownChaChaChaEp15 22K+ tweets
75.Zoe Kravitz 21K+ tweets
76.Solskjaer 21K+ tweets
77.نصف النهايي 21K+ tweets
78.めっぞめぞ 21K+ tweets
79.Carmen Mola 21K+ tweets
80.Kentucky 21K+ tweets
81.HARRY TO 100M 21K+ tweets
82.HALF TIME 20K+ tweets
83.Keaton 19K+ tweets
84.京都南部 19K+ tweets
85.WHAT A GOAL 19K+ tweets
86.#正義の天秤 19K+ tweets
87.Shaw 19K+ tweets
88.Nebraska 18K+ tweets
89.Jensen 17K+ tweets
90.SARAH IS COMING 16K+ tweets
91.Rashford 16K+ tweets
92.بيريرا 16K+ tweets
93.FajRi 16K+ tweets
94.#SHOWチャンネル 16K+ tweets
95.HAPPY 5M ENHYPEN 15K+ tweets
96.Agnes 15K+ tweets
97.Zidane 15K+ tweets
98.Wanda 14K+ tweets
99.#Strictly 14K+ tweets
100.Chilwell 14K+ tweets
101.#MilanVerona 14K+ tweets
102.Sancho 13K+ tweets
103.#OleIn 13K+ tweets
104.China Suárez 13K+ tweets
105.Mohamed Salah 13K+ tweets
106.#日向坂高校放送部 12K+ tweets
107.Werner 12K+ tweets
108.Tuchel 12K+ tweets
109.Aguirre 12K+ tweets
110.みっちー 12K+ tweets
111.Firmino 12K+ tweets
112.Smallville 12K+ tweets
113.Tielemans 12K+ tweets
114.#BallandoConLeStelle 12K+ tweets
115.Riquelme 12K+ tweets
116.Auburn 11K+ tweets
117.Paqueta 11K+ tweets
118.ليستر 11K+ tweets
119.Trent 11K+ tweets
120.Team Spirit 11K+ tweets
121.Icardi 11K+ tweets
122.Matt Hancock 11K+ tweets
123.Cano 11K+ tweets
124.#YouS3 11K+ tweets
125.Jリーグ 11K+ tweets
126.Oklahoma State 10K+ tweets
127.Axelsen 10K+ tweets
128.Maguire 10K+ tweets
129.#Roselia特番 10K+ tweets
131.Coritiba <10K tweets
132.Sarr <10K tweets
133.Give Salah <10K tweets
134.Vardy <10K tweets
135.Dimarco <10K tweets
136.Felipe González <10K tweets
137.地域密着 <10K tweets
138.Jenas <10K tweets
139.Michael Keaton <10K tweets
140.Grand Slam <10K tweets
141.シブヤノオト <10K tweets
142.Ranieri <10K tweets
143.De Gea <10K tweets
144.Emory <10K tweets
145.灰谷先生 <10K tweets
146.Eovaldi <10K tweets
147.どらほー <10K tweets
148.ZAYN MALIK <10K tweets
149.ميلان <10K tweets
150.レスター <10K tweets
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In third place it’s the Glare, we guess you aren’t as afraid of the dark as we are? That leaves the Allay and the Copper Golem going head-to-head in the final round! Vote for your winner now!

Vengeance has arrived at #DCFanDome. Watch the new trailer for The Batman now! Only in theaters March 4. ♥️ this tweet to get reminders when tickets go on sale and when #TheBatman lands in theaters.

Thank you misleading news article for making me think there was a fist fight that involved the queen of England absolutely clocking some dude

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Paimon wants to join in the show too? Aw yeah, rock on! #GenshinImpact #xinyan

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Someone explain why he’s not nominated for the ballon d’or 🤔🤔🤔 What a EDOUARD MENDY 💪🏾

Erling Haaland scored 49 goals in 49 Bundesliga official games since he joined Borussia Dortmund. 🟡🤖 #Haaland #BVB

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Gonna try to stream my reaction to the #MinecraftLive2021 event tmoro! Hopefully everything works lmao oh god pls no scuff

Ladies & gents… Enjoy your WORLD EXCLUSIVE first look⚡️ He is ruthless. He is unstoppable. He is the reason the hierarchy of power in the DC UNIVERSE is about to change. He is #BLACKADAM The Man in Black has come #DCFanDome @SevenBucksProd @flynnpictureco

Jurgen Klopp: “Come on, who is better than Mo Salah at the moment? There is nobody better… and that is clear”. 🔴🇪🇬 #LFC #Salah

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We want the Deep Dark, and its warden inhabitants, to be as deep, dark and scary as possible; that’s why we’re moving these features to our 2022 update. Just be sure to stay tuned for the whole show to learn more, and see the BIG reveal of everything new coming to Minecraft!

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@Minecraft i like them all but the glare is the cutest to me. i actually genuinely dont know what any of them do

Greetings to Shri Naveen Patnaik Ji on his birthday. I pray that he is blessed with a long and healthy life in service of the people. @Naveen_Odisha

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